The Cancer in My Country


God has blessed my country with countless blessings. It is a country with all the four seasons with various types of land and so many places for tourist attraction. It has one of the top 100 seaports of the world. It owns a sea and 5 rivers. It has glaciers. It owns the world's second largest salt mines. It has several coal mines with billion tons of coal. It has goldmines. Its land has several precious minerals, elements, metals, ores and fuel reservoirs. Traditionally the land has proven itself best for agriculture. Besides, the geographical location my country has got makes it is important strategically. Despite being blessed so much by the nature my country is in huge debt. It has to import the food that can easily be cultivated on its land. It has power problems where there is electricity load shedding for up to 18 hours a day. It stands second on the list of children out-of-school. It has water shortage. The problem of excessive forest cutting, sewerage, broken roads, lower incomes, lack of health facilities, lack of public transport are to name a few. Why a country with so many resources would suffer from so much misery??? There is one straight answer. This all is due to corruption

Corruption is a cancer that gradually eradicate every health element and destroys the nations completely. No nation can be successful with this cancer in its body, no matter how much potential or resources it holds in it. I feel anguished stating that my country is suffering fro corruption at almost all the levels. There is not a single government department that is free from corruption. If an honest person joins the department, there are hardly any chance for him to progress.

The corruption in the education sector has made it impossible for the kid of the poor to acquire quality education. Several government schools exist only on papers while the ones that are present physically are without the qualified teachers. Either the teachers don't attend the school or they are not qualified enough to teach. These jobs are distributed not on merit, but on bribe. Teachers collect the salary bribing a part of it to the government admins and instead of teaching in the schools, they either join another job in some private school or are involved in some other work for earning.
In government colleges, no regular classes are taken but the teachers there would invite the students to join their private tuition centers.
The funds that are allocated for education are already low. There is a great need of more universities and colleges. The number of institutions are quite lower than needed to provide the merited aspirants to get in.

As a result the education has become a business in the private sector. There is no check and balance on the fee structure. The private schools, colleges and universities are charge so much fee which is beyond the limits of a common person.

The Corruption in the building and infrastructure department is another big corruption about which there are stories quite often on the media but it makes no difference. The buildings are constructed illegally on the public areas. Besides, there is construction of higher buildings in the area where they are not allowed. As a result, there happen the incidents of buildings falling down where there is the loss of lives and money.
The officials of this department are so mean. They do not allow people to construct their homes without bribing them. They won't pass the map if you don't pay them what they demand.

The Corruption in the police Department is one of the worst form of corruptions. Police has such a bad reputation in public. People are so afraid of encountering the police so that they face the loss but do not go to the police station to file a report.
Police asks for bribe for literally everything. Your case cannot be filed without some bribe. They would ask you for bribe on the roads for nothing. You might have all the documents of your vehicle to show, still they would threaten you to charge you with the crime you haven't committed. You are compelled to bribe them.

Some moths ago, my cousin's factory was burnt. Instead of helping, the police came to arrest him for the accident. He had to offer them something to get rid of them.

Once a friend of my husband refused to give illegal money to the police. He said he would fill the Chelan but won't bribe them. As a result the police took his bike to the police station and put him in a long process of the vehicle release. After the whole process what he got was not his bike but the skeleton of it. All its essential parts were stolen.

There is another incident I heard among my relatives. A young boy was arrested by the police. They put the charges on him of the crimes he never committed. They gave him the mental and physical torture. He also had to face the imprisonment of a couple of years. Would he ever be able to become a good citizen? The only thing he would be filled up with is the negativity about the system?

There are endless stories about the brutality and corruption of police. The truth is that 90% of crimes are committed under its supervision. The criminals commit the crime, bribe the police and then they are free to commit more crime as long as they provide the share to the local police.

There is another field which is corrupted from every angle and what I feel the corruption in this area is responsible for the corruption in all the other fields. It is the Corruption in the justice system. A fair justice system requires equal treatment for everyone be irrespective of everything. When the justice system treats the poor and the rich, influential and the common man differently, the peace can never prevail in the society.

It is really very painful for me to say that the justice system of my country is corrupt at every level. From the judge of a local court to the judge of the supreme court are all questionable. If you are poor you would get punishment even for a small crime. If you have money to bribe you would be released despite having clear proofs. If you are an influential person, the court would find some way to let you out. Even a DSP of police couldn't get the justice for the murder of his son, only because the accused belongs to an influential feudal family. There are many other cases where there are clear proofs against the criminals but they are bailed and never get punishment.

Recently, my country faced the circumstances where the prime minister of the country couldn't resist the corruption of the court. The former prime minister came with the verdict of “Anti- corruption”. He struggled a lot to give punishment to the corrupts but the courts didn't supported his cause effectively. The cases are just prolonged or the accused are on bails. On the other hand, the court was opened at mid night to facilitate the cause of the corrupt politicians. With the support of the judges, the corrupts were successful in dismissing the former prime minister; and now my land is at the mercy of corrupt and unmerited people. At present, 60% the cabinet is comprised of those who are on the bail and are involved in various crimes including the corruption of millions of dollars. Shame on such judges who sold the future of the nation for some personal gains.


My country, Pakistan, has every potential to raise as a strong and prosper nation, but the cancer of corruption is continuously destructing . While there is corruption in all the departments, if only two departments are set corruption free the rest of the areas will clean up automatically. Those two areas are justice system and the police. If the police stops supporting the criminals and the judge would give them the deserving punishment, everyone would be afraid of committing crime because they would know if they are caught, nothing would save them.


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This corruption, when it starts, it seems like something harmless that can be overlooked. Until it becomes a raging monster that destroys everything in its path. That is what my country i also facing now.
Thank you for sharing this with us.


That's why it is said
"Nip the evil in the bud"