The Yellows around me.... Entry for Deranged Photography Contest


The jasmine garlands and earrings with yellow flowers.
Another picture of garlands with different angle and light
My nephew with his yellow cushion
_Another picture of my nephew with a slight difference _
The yellow cushion
Yellow books and notebooks with yellow markers

When I found out that the theme for [Deranged Photography Contest] for this week is YELLOW, I wandered my eyes around me in search of the yellow stuff to take part in Amateur Tier.

I found a few things that could be used for photography including a bottle of lotion, some jewellery, some food, books, note books and cushion.

Because I am quite new to photography that's why I have to think a lot about the angles and lights. After taking snaps with several variations, here are the few I came up for the contest.

For taking the first photo, I turned the surface and the background in yellow with a yellow book and cushion respectively. Then I put the bottle of lotion with yellow label and the jewellery with yellow flowers on the yellow surface. I took this shot without the flash light. It was taken in landscape format.

In the second shot I removed the yellow surface, turned on the flash light and took the shot in portrait format.

The third and forth photo are of my nephew. I first let him sit with his yellow cushion, then I asked my sister-in-law to play with him so he would laugh. Hehe. He cooperated well.

The fifth photo is of the smiley cushion resting on the chair

The sixth is of yellow notebooks and a book. My elder son has two yellow notebooks while my younger one has one, and fortunately all of them were at the home (but not in the school). I found an old yellow book too in my shelf. When I was arranging them for the shot, I saw two yellow markers lying on the floor (my son had left them their after drawing 😊 ). I took them too and added them in my photo.

The seventh is of French fries. They are yellow after all.

The last three pictures are the older ones. I looked into my gallery where I found them. Because they have something to do with yellow, I added them here.

That's all about Yellow for this time. The feedback is highly appreciated

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