A Tale of Two Pizza's - Talk on the Sea (Week 15)


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This is my entry for the First every block chain novella facilitated by: @dibblers.dabs
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Manzanilla talked slowly to the captain who informed him of the updates that came over the radio. They would arrive sooner than they expected with the winds. They sailed and the plan of port selection and entry would have to be decided sooner than later, their arrival would happen faster than they knew.
He said a few words to the captain then slowly walked himself back to where his wife and Tolcetta were sitting. The two woman watched him, a man, big round full of what the situation required. He sat with a smile and looked at the two women, waiting for them to talk or for him to start.

"What are your thoughts hun, did the captain say anything?" Picholine said softly to the man before her.
"Well, the captain want to know how we shall get into port, there are reports that there are bandits who have taken over the port area. I believe they are part of this plot to overthrow my brother, but I am not sure, just a hunch. Cutting off supply lines is a good way to capture a kingdom. Perhaps we will land there and run those pirates out of port and drive them towards my brother’s land. Get them on their heels as they run, or we could use the other ports to the south, but that might not be a great option if they too are overrun by bandits and sunken ships in the waters could be a mess. The captain sent a few radio signals to the military boys we sent up ahead, see what they are saying and we shall know all of our options in the next few hours." Manzanilla said with a bit of a pensive face to her.

"The trouble your brother is in proses quite a problem, but it is nice that we are going back to see the Kingdom. It will be the first time I have been back since before the fall. I am sure a lot has changed." Tolcetta said mildly to the baron.
"Yes, there will be a lot that has changed since we have been back. We must work as a team and we will be fine, we have a fine team of military people up ahead so trusting that they are well equipped to help handle most any situations. Speaking of situations, you mentioned a daughter....what was that about Tolcetta," The baron said staring into the young woman as Picholine’s face showed a bit of shock.

"Umm, well, it was a long time ago, it was love of the truest kind that happened, people in passion knowing each other deeper than they thought they would ever let anyone ever into their lives. It was with a married man though, so there is shame." Tolcetta said as her tone went for hope longing and love to sadness,
"Oh my dear, do not trouble yourself with marriage and those structures imposed like cages on the heart, Love is love no matter whatever the way it blossoms. What is your daughter’s name?" Picholine said as she rested her hand on the knee of Tolcetta smiling comfort towards her.
"You are right Picholine, thank you, your words bring me comfort. She was born from love, a secret love that happened one day as I was out in the country side. The man was stunning, he was powerful and gentle. He had a position of power, was known to be ruthless but yet he always treated me with respect, listened to what I said and asked for. I was not entirely sure what he did but I know he was not a no one. I knew there was more to the love and that it would not last, but I became pregnant with his child. I wanted to name her Delilah, but my lover, he was not so fond of this name and might have changed it after I left. I had to leave as the wife of this man had it out for me after she learned of her husband’s love for another woman. He set me up and got me out of the country after the birth. He protected me till then, but I had to leave. So going back could be to my peril, I had to rip my heart out to leave, perhaps this trip will mend that tear." Tolcetta recanted as she looked far off across the ocean.

"What ever happened to the man, and your daughter, do you keep contact with them?" Picholine asked.
"I don't know all that much I hear bit of this and that but that is along ways away and I do not know how much I can trust the across sea broken telephone that happens. Much gets lost out there. The man is still in power, as far as I know, I am not sure much beyond that though. My daughter is still living, she is about 15 now....wow it has been over 15 years since I have been back. I do not think she will recognise me or I her." Tolcetta said saddened.
Manzanilla stared at Tolcetta intently, "The fruit baron is part of this rue to overthrow my brother, he has a daughter named Delilah. From what I have heard about her, she is yours from what I know of you. This could pose major problems or be just the thing we need." he said sternly.
"I, umm, yes it was the Fruit baron who was my lover. It makes me happy to hear that my daughter is alive and well, but it does make for quite the situation indeed." Tolcetta said surprised and happy.
"It will make for an interesting situation indeed, let’s hope to the advantage to us all."
At that moment the captain came over to talk with Manzanilla…

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I love it @an-man. I was going to write in a love affair myself at some point around Delilah to create tension and conflict but you've done it so well. Things are getting so interesting !PIZZA !ALIVE


Wonderful news then, it has come to fruition. I am glad you were aiming that way too. I hope you enter this week. !PIZZA



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I am quite sure that Delilah will be happy to see her mother :) ... Let's hope that they manage to reunite eventually!



I think so. I thought it would provide some options for a a few different endings of the story lines. At the very least it would open up the possibilities to a few new ones. Thanks for all your efforts in this story. Glad to be writing along side such good writers. !PIZZA