Найманці для рф • Mercenaries for Russia [ENG/UA]

Вітання ✌️
Всім відомо, що так звана "ЧВК Вагнера" вербує на війну навіть зеків, але зеки, очевидно, закінчуються, принаймні свої.
Мабуть, варто виходити на міжнародний рівень (подумали вони), і почали вербувати зеків в тюрмах Центральноафриканської Республіки.
Видання Daily Beast пише, що новобранці - це засуджені раніше терористи, що контролювали значну частину ЦАР під час громадянської війни. Багато хто з них має відношення до воєнних злочинів.
Влада цієї країни дала добро росіянам на такі дії, які, за даними видання, почалися ще минулого місяця.
Ох вже ці туристи...

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Everyone knows that the so-called "Wagner's PMC" recruits even prisoners for the war, but the prisoners, obviously, end up, at least their own.
Apparently, it is worth going to the international level (they thought), and they began to recruit prisoners in the prisons of the Central African Republic.
The "Daily Beast" writes that the new recruits are previously convicted terrorists who controlled a large part of the CAR during the civil war. Lot of them are related to war crimes.
The authorities of this country gave the go-ahead to the Russians for such actions, which, according to the publication, began as early as last month.
Oh, these tourists...

Останні дні в нашій області були досить неспокійні. За останню добу росіяни здійснили 158 артилерійських та 28 мінометних обстрілів.

The last few days in our region have been quite turbulent. Over the last day, the Russians launched 158 artillery and 28 mortar attacks.

Обстріляне росіянами агропідприємство | An agricultural enterprise fired upon by the Russians

Пошкоджені лінії електропередач | Damaged power lines

В Білопіллі росіяни вбили підлітка. Це був 15-річний хлопець, який перебував на вулиці під час обстрілу...

Russians killed a teenager in Bilopyl. It was a 15-year-old boy who was on the street during the shelling...

Обстріли завдали немало руйнувань. Знову пошкоджені автівки, зерносклади, сільгосп техніка, адмінбудівля підприємства, лінії електропередач, об'єкт критичної інфраструктури і 10 приватних житлових будинків.

Shelling caused a lot of destruction. Cars, grain warehouses, agricultural machinery, the administration building of the enterprise, power lines, a critical infrastructure object and 10 private residential buildings were again damaged.

Вчора у нас весь день було відсутнє водопостачання через аварію на нашій вулиці. Взагалі ніякої води не було.

Yesterday we had no water supply all day due to an accident on our street. There was no water at all.

Місце аварії | The place of the accident

Я завжди тримаю вдома запас питної води, якраз для таких випадків. Маю десь 90 літрів.
Пізно ввечері, близько 22:00 водопостачання все ж відновили.

Всім мирного дня 🍀

I always keep a supply of drinking water at home, just in case. I have about 90 liters.
Late in the evening, around 10:00 p.m., the water supply was restored.

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Nothing on Ukraine:


Written by Esha Krishnaswamy. Originally published by The Gray Zone

Once condemned by Ukrainian officials and imprisoned for sadistic torture and the rape of minors, leaders of the notorious Tornado Battalion are free under Volodymyr Zelensky’s orders.

After banning virtually his entire political opposition, publishing a blacklist of foreign journalists and academics accused of advancing “Russian propaganda,” and ramming through a law exempting 70% of Ukrainians from workplace protections, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenksy has freed from prison fascist militants convicted of some of the most heinous crimes the country has seen since World War II.

According to a July 11 report in Ukrainian media, Ruslan Onishenko, commander of the now-disbanded Tornado Battalion, was freed as part of President Zelensky’s scheme to release prisoners with combat experience. Along with an unwavering commitment to fascism, Onishenko is known as a psychopathic sadist who was involved in sexually assaulting children, brutally torturing prisoners, and murder.

Onishenko’s release follows a February 27 order by Zelensky to free other convicted former Tornado members like Danil “Mujahed” Lyashuk, a fanatic from Belarus who has openly emulated ISIS and boasted of torturing captives for sheer enjoyment. According to Zelensky‘s decree, prisoners with combat experience would be allowed to “compensate for their guilt” by fighting in the “hottest spots.”

Back in 2015, when the Ukrainian state provided official support to his Tornado Battalion, Onishenko texted two fellow “patriots,” Voldomor and Svetlana Savichuk, propositioning Svetlana Savichuk to “suck my cock in front of the [toddler] children.” (See screenshots of the conversation here). He also asked Savichuk to perform lewd acts on her children for his viewing pleasure. Despite the magnitude of his crimes, which included torture, murder, rape – including that of children – kidnapping, amputation, and more, Onishenko was sentenced to a mere 11 years in prison on April 11, 2017.

Now, after serving just five years of his sentence, the convicted predator has been freed by a president hailed by Western patrons as a defender of democracy.

Zelensky’s move is not just a signal of desperation as his military is ground down by Russian forces in the east. It extends the virtual impunity that Ukrainian battalions infested with hardened criminals and neo-Nazis have enjoyed for over eight years as official enforcers of the post-Maidan regime’s rule.



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