Dystopic Paradise


Dystopic Paradise:

Road Unsafe - by MerchArts - CCO, pixabay.com

Take a look at those rims, shiny bling
Fit to polish the underbelly that feeds
Us all;

Only a punk wouldn't remain cautious,
Family shops are armed to the teeth,
Most kids bully out graded skins
And raid rigs to collect
Shouldered chips,

The city's cut throat through and through,
Purges play on cctvs like pay per view
For the well fed elites while the rest
Scavenge their comrades loots.

The neon lights and rehashed news
Can be so misleading and tourists
Learn that quick, often too late
And always kept on the hush,

Skin in the game knows no end,
Safe for Ruf there's no innocent
In this land, you with it or dead,
Which might end up our fates
If I'm late with this package.

The next f-ck up and we're done for,
Boss says go and you have no soul
To respawn from, one more f-ck up
And Ruf's code also gets destroyed.

Wish we'd never been so cash poor
And weren't so blinded by revenge,
We traded in a demon for the devil,
A micromanager for a tyrant;

It's just a misfortune of the classes,
The ageless tale we can only twist
So much till the pendulum swings
Back, but at least finally I'm here,
At hell's pearly gates;

🚘Buzz Buzz!


Who are you and what brings here?


I'm XYK, here for the magistrate,
I have the package and ready
For my next errand.


One moment.

. . .

Click, cl...