The Showboat


The Showboat

Nearly caught slipping, the kitchen
Barely took the heat but the deed
Saw it coming, and stood ground
Wave after wave;

Yes! Yes the hizzy's is in the hizzy
And smears been on seen since
The kitchen sink done missed.

Give it up for the pick me artists,
With ishcoins on suicide watch
The game fitted for washed up
Profiteers, washed up profiteers
Here's we is, and isn't;
On that dapper ish.

They say practice makes perfect,
Well we do crash courses for
Shits and giggles and there's
An open sea of destructed
Waiting out there,

So 1 time for the trips, 2 for the misfits,
The beefs got smoked like puff puff,
Coz the crackpot loves the quack
They just hashed it out on block.

And off the shore the crib goes,
The stable ones keep it a buck
Tho it's max cap for the course,
Buckets fitted for taco tuesday
And captains made sure
To get their fill;

It's the last toast before we reach
the abyss where fudsters and shills
Live in unceremonious harmony.

Wolves rock their gold fangs
Dripped out in sheep skin,
Their chains, and still
Eager to go, for the
Showboat is their
Game hopefully
Survival yours.

The personal is the business
But don't take it personal.

Tokens overboard, leave em,
Avatar in sync, let him sink,
The sharks need feed too
And for fuck's sake throw
The water out, what you
Think the buckets for?

Wreck cycle number four
Going on patch number
Who knows, the wrecked
Got wrecked, wrecks
Got bridged and thus
Trusts got bridged;

All par for the course,
The chaos checks out
And more is yet to
Be mapped out,


So yeah, another experimental one. Went for whimsical and serious at the same time. Looking forward to your thoughts;