I Found Unique Pears!

Enjoying the view on the sides of a display space for fresh fruits, in a market is an exciting activity. Colorful, also about resisting the urge to buy fruit that we don't really need.

Just grab the fruits you want to make for meals.


Walking in a modern market is my favorite. It was named "Suzuya Plaza".

The first thing I always go to is the fresh produce that is sold there. Especially fresh fruit. This is so that the spending budget that I have is spent on healthier products, compared to having to spend my available budget on unhealthy snacks. So fresh fruit is always my top choice to eat in my spare time.

This time, coincidentally on Friday, I visited the traditional market, and found types of pears that I had never bought and had never eaten before.

I found two unique types of pears. One is with the Australian green pear brand, and the other is with the Xiang Li brand from China.

The two brands of pear types look different. So I'm sharing what I found with you guys.



Australian green pears brand has a darker green color than Xiang Li pears brand.

One more thing, Australian green pears has a unique shape. Oh, so sexy! But at first glance it looks like crystal guava or white guava.



What do you think about the shape of the green pears, do they really look like white guava?



Then let's move on to Xiang Li Pears. Their shape looks smaller. Maybe in other areas it will be bigger according to the available supply according to the prevailing season.



For the color of Xiang Li Pears they have a yellowish green color. At some point, there is redness on their skin.



Well, for their taste, I don't know the difference between each of them. I will immediately tell you the difference when I process them into delicious meals. ️

They have a price difference of about $0.1 per ounce. Slightly more expensive type Xiang Li Pears.

Have you ever eaten one or both types of pears that I found today?

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All pictures were taken using iPhone 11.



Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari


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cool fruit. But, you call them sexy fruits because of their shape. !LOL
I just saw fresh fruit wrapped in plastic for each fruit. That is a very different matter.
Usually, we find cut fruit wrapped in this manner.
Is this one way of keeping its freshness?

(I can't wait for your review about the difference in taste)


I dunno exactly they reason. But sometimes other type of pears in that market isn’t wrapped. :)

but good thing, all fruits are fresh :)


We have the first one in Nigeria but the second one is so unique; interesting


I believe they spreading all around the world even with a bit different. Maybe you can post them too on Hive :)


A lot of the pears look like the Australian one, but, we might call them by a different name, so I cannot tell. They are probably both delicious and now you will have to tell us which one you like best! Perhaps you will like them both equally and that will make it better for you!

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You should try the one from Africa too sis, it looks like the one from the Aussie you bought there