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Yey, I'm back again with my Splinterlands post. This is the second post of this week and the purpose of this piece of writing is to take part in the Splinterlands Social Media Challenge. My previous post, Unforgettable Battle // Weekly Battle Challenge also part of the Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge.

Guys, the last brawl I had was a little special for me, because this was the first time I could clean sweep in tier 2. In my previous post entitled Amazing Battle with Captain Katie // Social Media Challenge
have I explained a little bit about my Guild, Electronz which has not been up from tier 1 to tier 2 for a long time. So there really hasn't been much experience in our battle in tier 2.


During some of these brawls I always filled fray 2, namely Novice League Chaos Legion Only. In the last brawl I got 8 battles and won 7 battles while 1 other battle the opponent was fled. Of the 7 battles I did, 3 of them I won because of Quora Towershead.

My guild finished in 3rd place and earned 40 crowns and for the players got 1750 merits and 17.6 staked SPS. This result is quite good and hopefully in the next brawl can maintain this feat.

Well, on this occasion I will share my battle strategy using Quora Towershead and my opinion about Quora why this monster has become so scary and difficult to defeat.



The family Towershead is a simple, mountain-dwelling clan from the upper Seed Mountains of Anumün. While the family has a long and rich history of involvement in the development of Lyveria and the Maglarian Reformation, sunset has fallen on their line. Quora’s parents, Kurion and Hija, have never had a son, and they have grown old. Although they continue to try, it seems that destiny does not wish for a male heir to carry on their family name. Quora will one day be the last of her clan. Although the name of Towershead will vanish, it will be up to only her to pass on the warriors’ blood that flows in her veins. At 24, she is not eager to go find a husband, but because of her ferocity in battle, her father Kurion has presented a plan in which she has found favor.

Lore by Splinterlands

Quora Towershead is an Epic Gladius card from earth element which has a fairly large mana of 10 but is comparable to the stats it has. Level 1 of this monster is active in Bloodbust and Heal abilities, and has an attack of 2 melee and 2 magic. The HP owned is also quite high, which is 11. It's no wonder that Quora Towershead is the favorite Glaius of many players.


Even though it has a large mana, Quora Towershead is very terrible in low and middle mana battles, because the possibility of Bloodust ability will activate faster than if used in high mana battles. We all know that the terrible thing about Gladius card is Booldust ability, Every time the Monster with Bloodust defeats an opponent, it gets +1 to all stats (in the Reverse Speed ruleset, -1 to Speed). The more monsters killed, the stronger and unstoppable the monsters.

When the two competing teams both use Quora in their line-ups, who is more likely to win? Of course the Bloodust of Quoara Towershead was active first. I'm going to share the battle strategy I use so I can win during the Quora VS Quora battle.





This is a low mana battle with mana capacity of 18 with ruleset Up Close and Personal (Only Monsters with Melee attacks may be used in this battle) with active elements Earth, Life, Death, and Dragon.

I became the Arena Host of this battle with the Fray limit card of Novice Chaos Legion, only level 1 Common, level 1 Rare, level 1 Epic, and level 1 Legendary cards can be used in this battle.


line up.png
You can see the line-ups of the two teams in the picture above. The two teams are the same using Obsidian as a summoner and Quora is on the Formation, only the position is different. But it is this position that determines the victory. Position determines achievement, right?

Xenith MonkFirstThe monsters that can be used in this battle are very limited from the Melee monster Chaos Legion edition, I decided to use Xenith Monk, Rare Neutral Monster mana 4 is positioned first. My consideration is that this monster has a good speed of 4, so there is a possibility that it can attack earlier. Another option is the Hill Giant of the Earth element itself, but the speed is only 1, so I prefer Xenith Monk.
quo.png Quora TowersheadSecondThe few times I've used Quora Towershead from previous battles, the front Quora position will give you a chance to get rid of the first and the possibility to activate the bloodust belih high. So I because this is a Close Up battle, then putting Quora in second place is best. If the position from the beginning is in the first position, the feeding will be the target target and perhaps the HP will decrease. If in the rearmost position, if the opponent also uses Quora Towershead, it is likely to have a turn to attack when the opponent's Bloodust Quora Towershead is active first
Screenshot (1).pngFungus FiendLast0 which monsters are complementary, and become the target of Opportunity or Sneak monsters. Actually, I'm also a little hesitant to use mana 0 monsters with thin HP in a brawl, because this could be a soft meal to activate the opponent's bloodust.




Click the image above to see the battle directly from the Splinterlands in-game. You can also see this battle from the youtube video below:


The match begins with the giving of buffs and debuffs from all monsters and Summoners. Both teams are the same - the same using the Obsidian Summoner, with the order of the monster Fungus Fiend in the first position, Mycelic Morphoid in the second position, Venari Scout which is the Opportunity monster in the third position and Quora Towershead in the last position.

round 1.png

My Quora Towershead gets the opportunity to become the first attacker and immediately activates her Bloodust because Fungus Fiend, who is the target of an attack from this monster, dies in one attack. Quora Towershead's speed increases to 4, and her attacks increase to 4 Magic and 3 Melee. I was immediately convinced that I would win this match hahaha 😁

round 2.png

At the beginning of round 2, my Quora Towershead Bloodust returns to activity after the target attack, the Mycelic Morphoid dies. Speed increases to 5, and his attacks increase to 5 Magic and 4 Melee. HP also increased to 13. Welcome to the unstoppable Quora !

end round 2.png

At the end of round 2, the opponent's Quora Towershead finally activated her Bloodust because she managed to kill Xenith Monk. Now the opponent's Quora Towershead has a speed of 4, HP 12 and 4 Magic attacks and 3 Melee attacks.

round 3.png

Round 3 begins with my Quora Towershead whose Bloodust returns to activity after killing Venari Scout, and now the two Quora Towersheads face off one by one.

round 4.png

end round 4.png

This match finally ended in the fourth round, with the victory I got. Until the end of this match, my Quora Towershead has a speed of 7, HP 15, and attacks to 7 Magic and 6 Melee.



My strategy of putting Quora Towershead in second place was very effective in this battle. My Quora Towershead is the key to the victory of this battle because Bloodust is active first compared to the opponent. The placement of each monster really determines the victory.


Alright Guys, I think is enough here, thank you for visiting my blog, don't forget to upvote and leave a comment. If you want to start playing Splinterland and don't have an account yet, don't hesitate to use my referral:

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Quora is way better than Legendary Gladius cards! :D



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That's right, Quora is epic but like legendary