Fungi Friday: Exploring New Territory and Finding Beautiful Mushrooms

#fungifriday by @ewkaw

I was out on a lovely long day drive last September when I discovered a great place to stop do some exploring and most definitely yes..hoping to see some mushrooms..!!


I started walking down along the edge of the dirt road where I had parked when soon I noticed these two amazing tall stately mushrooms.


I continued on walking down the road for only a short distance when I noticed a narrow trail leading in the direction of the water.


After having walked only a short distance down the trail I saw another tall beautiful mushroom.

My apologies for not being able to submit a positive identification but I'm thinking might be a Parasol.
Macrolepiota procera var.


At the end of the trail not far from the water I discovered a circle of stones with a purple Cora Bell (Heuchera) growing inside it.
I am familiar with this perennial plant but I haven't seen one just randomly growing in wild. I believe someone purposely planted it there.
My first thought when I saw the stones it was a campfire site but there was no noticeable evidence of it having been used 🔥.


I for sure had found a most wonderful new place to explore.
Under some tall pines trees another interesting fungi find. They are not gilled. Maybe..Bolete sp.?


Feeling a little hungry I looked around for a place to sit and eat a little portion of the snacks I had tucked away in my daypack. I rarely head off into unfamiliar territory without carrying a little food. My popular choice of nutrition. Cheese, apple, protein bars and water.


I found the perfect spot to sit down for a little while near a couple of Yellow fly Agaric mushrooms.


The plant with the little berries to right of the Yellow fly mushroom is a False Solomon’s seal (Maianthemum racemosum).

I would like to return back to wonderful place again this year and explore around some more.


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The top ones are definitely a type of parasol... The question is are their gills green with green spores? If so then its the vomiter Chlorophyllum molybdites. But if not then its might be one of the edible ones. I've never actually tried one as too many of the green ones grow around here and I don't want to warf for a good day or so lol.


Thank You !
I looked at many different pictures of the False Parasols/ Chlorophyllum molybdites. I really couldn't establish if these are. Never would want to risk eating a vomiter🤮..!
I read the Chlorophyllum molybdites is common mistaken consumed poisonous mushroom😖.
I really need to start doing
spores prints and taking better identification photos.