Iron Man 2 My Review



After this movie, Iron Man became my favorite Marvel character. The second movie presents Tony Stark's personality traits more dominantly on the screen than the first movie. His arrogance, his way of speaking, his intelligence... In the second movie, Tony Stark is in front of you with everything and he makes me laugh every time while reflecting these personality traits (especially his arrogance). This is the most obvious factor that makes me admire Tony Stark beyond love.

In this movie, we watch Tony Stark, who brings a different perspective to the world of war and defense systems with the technology he has developed, trying to develop and protect this technology with the right thoughts. As every technology developed in today's world can be copied, of course, various copies of the Iron Man armor developed by Stark begin to appear, and even those who want to compete with him in this market emerge, but of course, the first one to do the job is always one step ahead.

At the same time, with Stark developing such a technology, his country is also discussing how right it would be for it to remain in one person. Of course, Tony Stark's uninhibited character emerges here and teaches a lesson to those who want to create a legal limit for him. We can say that this movie is Iron Man's self-acceptance movie.

Of course, he also experiences things that may seem wrong. These mistakes cause Iron Man to have a bad image in society for a while and Tony's enemies multiply. The more enemies, the more challenging it becomes for Tony, but the more action-packed the adventure becomes for the audience. With all these features, Iron Man 2 is a good sequel.

Robert Downey is totally committed, the best thing about Iron Man is that he looks like Robert Downey Jr as we know him:) So the movie is fun, I recommend it, Scarlett and Gwyneth are also very good.

The plot of Iron Man 2 picks up six months after the events of the first film. Tony Stark has revealed to the world that he is Iron Man, and his company Stark Industries is in turmoil as it faces competition from rival weapons manufacturer Justin Hammer. Meanwhile, Ivan Vanko, a Russian physicist, seeks revenge against Stark for the death of his father, who had worked with Stark's father Howard Stark on the original arc reactor technology. Vanko creates his own version of the arc reactor and becomes the villainous Whiplash, intent on taking down Iron Man.

Robert Downey Jr. reprises his role as Tony Stark with his usual charm and wit, and is joined by a strong supporting cast. Gwyneth Paltrow is excellent as Pepper Potts, Stark's personal assistant and eventual love interest, while Don Cheadle brings a new level of depth to the character of Rhodey. Mickey Rourke is a standout as the villainous Vanko, and his performance is both menacing and poignant.

The Iron Man costume looks better than in the first movie. The movie also features some great set pieces, including a thrilling race through the streets of Monaco and a climactic showdown at the Stark Expo.

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