Mass indoctrination day 4 by bro Eli

Day 4 of mass indoctrination with bro Eli it was an alsome time in Gods presence.
I learnt somuch today first how to pray right so that our prayer can bring result. Act 1:24. Bro Eli also made us understand what prayer is he said prayer is making known our request to God with thanksgiving that means we must add thanksgiving to our request presented to God.
Mark 11 : 24 I learnt that when we pray we should belive and be expectant to receive from God as we have asked.
I also learnt that when we pray we should direct our prayer to our heavenly father not to man as most people do, the pray to Mary and some other humans Bro Eli made us understand that it's wrong.
I also learnt that prayer is asking from God not telling stories. When we pray we should go straight to the point as we already know prayer is making known our request.
I also learnt that we should always pray before we eat Matthew 15 : 36
Prayer is requesting from God e.g I learnt if we are looking for a job we must pary before we leave the house this means we must pray in daily bases.
Bro Eli says must people pray only when there sick or the pray when it's thier birthday or when the find thier self in problem e.t.c he made us understand that it's wrong we must pray all the time we must make prayer our habit Luke 18 : 4 I learnt that we must pray without season. He also made us understand that we must pray before we go to bed and when we raise form bed. He also made us understand that prayer should be a habit and not seasonal or optional.
He also thought us how to pray he made us understand that we should not repeat our prayers because Matthew 6 : 8 I learnt that even before we pray our father knows what our prayer point is and he has heared us, so we should avoid repeating our prayers, we should make our prayer short and direct.
Bro Eli also made us know how we can be sure our prayers are heared Matthew 15 : 19 I learnt that we have to come into Gods presence with a clean heart not have

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Thanks be to God for listening on our meeting.

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