Old path exposition teaching by Brother Eli 5th January 2022

I bring you greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I want appreciate God for this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this great service old path bible exposition I will like to appreciate brother Eli for the teaching.

  • cornely device favour, this simplely means cutting corners looking for short cuts and i was made to understand that it's canal to neglect Gods plan and begin to seek for corney favour from man because it is just temporary and will not last Bro Eli also shared a story with us of two women one a prostitute and the other a dry cleaner the prostitute contacted Aids from her customer and died while the other woman was able to use her dry cleaning business to train her children in school. What I learnt from this is that we should be contented in what every we do we should avoid Cornely devices favour.
    Matthew 6:10:13

  • I learnt to have total obedients to the thing s of God because that's where our blessing comes from
    Ephesians 5:17, 5:24, 6:1
    Roman 7:12 proverbs 17:1.

  • I learnt today that alcohol, soft drinks its bad to the human body it destroy to human kiddney
    All of this are not Gods original plan for us. John 5:28

I also learnt about limbo this means a place for children who died goes if the are not baptized go but I learnt today that belive is very wrong.

Bro Eli also encouraged us not to forsake the gathering of believers
Thank you sir for this message I was indeed blessed.
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