Development of social projects on the Hive and Еcency platforms. Part 1




Today I want to offer here on the Hive platform and in the Ecency application for the Community of Silver Bloggers to consider my new project for the prospective development of an economic foundation using IT technologies and blockchain, and well-known marketplaces or E-commerce, which are beneficial to all parties. Buyers choose the best offer on one resource (this is on our Hive platform, where each participant has their own blog and wallet, including the exchange) and they do not need to open many sites, since everything is here on Hive. Suppliers save on traffic, online store maintenance and employees, as well as delivery. And the sites themselves make money. This is a brand new social finance and blogger incentive project built on the Hive blockchain platform. There will be several parts ahead due to the large amount of material for considering this proposal of mine.


The goals and objectives of this social project is to use the blockchain for the benefit of society. All work and coordination of future development will take place under the Silver Bloggers Community on the Hive platform in the Ecency application. Here we must inspire and unite people who have a need for some kind of income or passive income in order to improve their well-being. Today, many people understand that blockchain is no longer just a new technology that powers bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. Today, blockchain is widely used in innovative, industrial, scientific, sports, trade and social projects, including education. And this is not all, where there is the possibility of using blockchain as a decentralized service that uses transactions in cryptocurrencies, tokens and national currencies through exchanges in its work.


And here we have a decentralized community on the blockchain platform, where everything is much more democratic and easier to work with. But let's look at the main types of marketplaces, which are divided into four thematic categories - goods, services, information and investments. For us, for the development of the project, three of them are more suitable so far - these are services, information and investments, and the goods will be used in the future. The audience on the Hive platform and in any applications is well prepared to understand the very essence of the project in order to jointly promote its development. And to understand what is at the heart of the project? Instead of a product, we have services for the development of Social Projects, which are more significant for the society in which we all live. Each blogger is a private independent investor and he sees the results of the project's development every day. Any achievement of the set goals and objectives is confirmed by independent validators. When the goal of the project is achieved, the invested investment will be returned to the investors.


What social projects are community members interested in?

  1. Scientific and technical, including the development of technologies in the sphere of the social project.
  2. Educational, as a rule, is the conduct of lectures, the development of methods, various manuals, educational games and didactic materials.
  3. Protective and legal, including the organization of events for people in difficult life situations, as well as assistance and protection of animals.
  4. Educational, contributing to the comprehensive and harmonious development of the human personality;
  5. Charitable, providing support to people living below the poverty line, as well as animal protection.
  6. Cultural, the purpose of which is to preserve existing cultural traditions and various areas of art.

How to create a social project on a blockchain platform online, connecting it with offline and what is needed for this? The stages of creation are:

  1. Definition of the project object.
  2. Determination of the goal and task of the project.
  3. The content of the project.
  4. Determination of the project budget.
  5. Determination of resources for the implementation of the project.


It is important for Community members to understand how the project will collect and distribute funds in Hive tokens, Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies received in the Community budget on the basis of crowdfunding to support those projects that will be selected for financing by our private investors from countries around the world. I will say that a Fund will be created under the Community, the leaders and specialists of which will select the proposed works in the following areas:
• Social services, social support and protection of citizens.
• Protection of the health of citizens, promotion of a healthy lifestyle.
• Support for family, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood.
• Support for youth projects.
• Support of projects in the field of science, education, enlightenment.
• Support for projects in the field of culture and art.
• Preservation of historical memory.
• Protection of human and civil rights and freedoms.
• Environmental protection and animal protection.
• Strengthening interethnic and interreligious harmony.
• Development of public diplomacy and support for compatriots.
• Development of civil society institutions.
• Identification and support of young talents in the field of culture and art.


These photos have nothing to do with the topic of this post. These are just beautiful photos about our amazing nature of the South Urals in Russia. And even that beauty, where the genre is based on the landscape. And besides the landscape - Amazing nature. And since beauty is the foundation of all creativity, then all of these photos here are perfect to admire as you read this post. And, after reading, do not forget, friends, to write something in the comments, the topic is very interesting to us, retirees and members of the Silver Bloggers Community. Especially those who have decided to change something in their lives, walking on the path to happiness in their lives and in search of the truth for their personal growth. By changing yourself, you change the direction of your path. Take care of yourself, my friends - be creative, develop your intellect, live long, fun and easy.

To be continued...



We have already started working on this social project in a real company, but for now it is offline. Our task is to connect the development of the project on the online (Internet) at the Silver Bloggers Community in order to attract people and organizations with their projects to the Hive platform on the basis of crowdfunding. So that - a lot of work lies ahead.

I think that over time, our Silver Bloggers Community will have an application, as a crowdfunding platform, created on the basis of blockchain technology, which will be convenient for working on the implementation of social projects that have not passed through the state competitive selection.

And as a proposal for all Community members, Silver Bloggers and Community Organizers: @fionasfavourites, @lizelle, @papilloncharity, @tarazkp, @ericvancewalton - let's see together how we can launch this large-scale project here on the Hive and Ecency platform?



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Hello, @antikus369
This is a great idea. I need to come back and read properly, so my comments are preliminary and based on just having scanned the post. Also, these are my personal views, not yet discussed with the other moderators.

Firstly, restricting participation to Ecency is problematic. I, for one, never use that applocation, I think that would limit participation. Secondly, there are other social and charitable initiatives on Hive, like @papilloncharity that may well be interested. How do you see bringing them on board, and what do you see as the Silver Bloggers Community's role? Perhaps this is a conversation we shouls have in our Discord? I strongly recommend you setting up the app which you can access via your browser and/or download for desk top and phone.

Look forward to seeing how this develops.


Hi @fionasfavourites
It is very good that you are interested in my proposal to promote a social project. I'll definitely check out the charity offer from @papilloncharity, but the idea here is a bit different. One of the basics of my proposal is to help people or even organizations that have entered the Silver Bloggers Community in order to participate with everyone in the work on financing their social project based on crowdfunding. That is, we are all together gradually collecting funding for this or that project. And the idea itself was born from the fact that many projects submitted to the state competition do not receive support due to the limited number of those who receive funding at the end of the competition, like a grand one (these lucky ones are no more than 5 or 10 projects). And then about these projects that did not pass the competition and, in general, are forgotten. Although projects are submitted for one competition from 500 or more proposals. Why don't we jointly develop some good algorithm to work with these people and organizations so that they gradually receive funding from the blockchain platform? Such are my thoughts on this matter. And then I will write in posts about how to promote this topic in the Silver Bloggers Community.


Thank you for responding @fionasfavourites. @antikus369, I reiterate Fiona's sentiments, and look forward seeing where this goes.


Today there will be a post - continuation of the topic
I will write everything, including a small instruction at the end.
This will be a few posts to make it clearer.
There was too much material on this topic.
But that's all, as I see the development of events in the project itself.
Maybe we can fix something together and add to the work?
To make the project even better.