Qurator's Photo Quest | Minimalist Photography. My collection



Minimalism in photography, as a style in work.
But this is not a genre of photography, but techniques.
Techniques that a photographer uses to show.
A typical Italian landscape with its beauty and simplicity.


In minimalism, photography should have space.
The more space, the better the perception of style.
The photographer must immediately understand this.
On the coast, the sea, with its simplicity (view from above).


Minimalism in photography is like graphics in art.
Minimalism can be seen very well in winter.
For a photographer, winter is a lot of topics for creativity.
Russian winter landscape and graphics for a photo frame.


The photographer must capture exactly the moment where...
There will be just a moment that the viewer will like.
It is very important for the viewer to understand the idea.
Misty morning, Spanish morning. Jogging along the seashore.


The art of photography and the use of minimalism.
They give birth to such abstract images as this landscape.
Such minimalism is liked by the viewer for its simplicity.
Winter graphics on the verge of an abstract photo frame.


As we can see, minimalism can be found in summer too.
When there is an opportunity to see a "skier" on the sand.
Which goes down the sand and glides like a sea wave.
Amazon sand quarries that added beauty to the photo.


Minimalism can also be seen in such photographs.
Where the simplest reeds add beauty to the landscape.
Such a winter schedule is a job for a photographer.
Simplicity of photography, as in an artist's painting.


Minimalism with a dog at the sea in the morning in the fog.
Fog will always highlight some of the objects in the landscape.
Here in the photo is a dog walking along the seashore.
Some kind of fantastic photography based on minimalism.


Minimalism is simplicity in the composition of a photograph.
The more empty space, the better the perception of beauty.
Emphasis on the fact that the photo is only partially filled.
Two female figures that grab the viewer's attention at once.


The simplest graphics, as the basis of minimalism in the photo.
This is the moment when the photographer needs to be shown.
Something from the objects that are in this landscape (lanterns).
The graphics in photography are beautiful in their simplicity...
Seaport in the city of Odessa and a view of the lighthouse.



Qurator's Photo Quest | Minimalist Photography


My collection of several photos for minimalist photography theme. What it is? As we can see from the text, it is clear that this is nothing more than minimalism in photography. Or it's even easier to say - the fewer objects in the photograph itself in the composition itself, the better. That is, in front of us in the zone of visibility and perspective, too - there will be more space, which is least loaded with something. This will be exactly what we are talking about, and then we apply in our work, making photographs. Now it is clear to us that minimalism is quite an interesting trend, but not a genre in photography. Many photographs, therefore, can more resemble graphics in their brevity and simplicity. But it is photographs in this manner of photography that are often very expressive, because the emphasis is (or is directed) on one direction or subject. In this case, there are no established rules for minimalism, here the idea of ​​the photographer himself is always the basis. Also, minimalism (this is for understanding) in the work for the photographer pursues, as little as possible to use any components in the composition of the photograph (as I said). All this in the space of photography, from objects and lines to shapes and colors. This is just what plays the main role, although there may be some other criteria that influence the construction of minimalism in any photograph. The work should be as free as possible so that the viewer sees in the simplicity of photography the beauty that the photographer decided to show. But the meaning inherent in the work of a photographer, each person can see and accept him himself, as a spectator. And yet - some people like minimalism in photography, but some don't. Someone understands what the photographer wanted to say or show in his work, and someone does not understand this or even does not accept it for himself as art. Everyone's tastes are different, as are choices. The psychological influence of the world around us and the way one of the spectators sees all this in the work of the photographer is already acting here. These are my thoughts about minimalism in photography.

-original photo;
-first publication;
-camera Sony 16.2.
(Translated via Google translator from Russian)

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Photos were taken with the size of 2592 x 1944 pixels.
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Photo taken - Sony 16.2 - 3x Zoom, Vario-Tessar lens.



Фотограф должен запечатлеть именно тот момент, где ...
Будет только момент, который понравится зрителю.

Вы всерьёз так считаете?
Мне всегда казалось, что это тот момент, когда ваши мысли и сердце находятся на одной линии, что и объект съёмки (идея не моя, но мне она очень нравится).
Фотосет интересный, но для себя я выделила три снимка: девушк, идущая по краю песчаной косы, бегущий человек в красном и собака на пляже. И последний ещё.
Тут дело не в "понравится". Скорее, снимки передают настроение и чувства (ваши личные переживания момента).


Любая работа должна нравиться зрителю, а не только самому фотографу. Поэтому мы всегда находимся в постоянном поиске чего-то нового, что может стать более совершенным, чем было до этого. А момент надо уловить, иначе он просто ускользнет - с линии обстрела...
Но каждый имеет право на свою точку зрения, это же творческий процесс.