Weekend, nature, first snow, forest and us


And here comes the weekend again.
And we went to the forest in the morning.
And we left the city early at sunrise.


The road in the forest was covered in snow.
Although this is not the first snow in November.
But already twice the snow fell and melted.


Such is the beauty of nature met us in the forest.
The snow is shallow, so the ride is not dangerous.
The impression in the morning outdoors is very good.


And then there is such a beautiful spruce forest.
Large spruce trees, forest and silence around.
It only snows a little, covering the road and the forest.


A beautiful birch forest also begins nearby.
We walked through the woods and drank tea.
Tea was prepared in advance at home in a thermos.


See what beauty it is in nature and in the forest.
The spruce forest is so majestic and large.
Very large spruces with large branches (paws).


Returning home from the forest, we began.
Making a snowman in the yard with children.
My granddaughter liked it, she was happy.


Oche tried to make a snowman herself.
She collected snow, carried it and molded it.
When I got a snowman, I clapped my hands.


Everyone returned home happy and cheerful.
And at home we are warm and very comfortable.
We all drank hot tea and began to rest.


And this weekend we have another happy one.
A pink rose bloomed in a potted window.
Such beauty, a real Garden of Eden on the window.



The whole family with children and grandchildren very often go either to nature to spend some time there and take a break from the bustle of the city. Or we just go out with the children for a walk along the city streets, often and just in the yard to the site between large multi-storey residential buildings. The main thing is that you can relax on any weekend, and the children play. So this weekend, since it snowed, we decided to go to nature in the forest to see what beauty there is now with snow? The snow was already in early November, but it all melted quickly, and we did not have time to go to nature. Now we had time, went and looked. Although this snow will probably lie until spring? Because now the frosts have also come to us. For some time with the children in the yard they made (molded) a snowman, which made them very happy. And then everyone went home together, drank hot tea with jam and honey. Tea was brewed from Ivan-tea, which was also collected with children in nature in the forest this summer. That was the weekend.

-original photo;
-first publication;
-camera Sony 16.2.
(Translated via Google translator from Russian)

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