Do not stay or get stuck for anything or anyone.

Nowadays we see very fashionable those relationships called "toxic" where we always see couples fighting for everything and for nothing, unfortunately it is a vicious circle where it is easy to fall and stay.

From what little I can see and understand of this whole situation is that the lack of trust and communication are detonating factors to end a relationship.

The advice of supposed friends who say they want you to look good and the only thing they do is to keep you away from your partner because they want you to be unhappy like them, is another of the strong triggers that little by little destroy a relationship.

I tell you from my experience in such a relationship for 12 years, my marriage, my life as a couple with the father of my life was under turbulence for a long time until finally the love faded, and that's where it all ended.

And since my separation I have moved on with my life, I have not been stuck for anything or anyone, because there is nothing worse than sleeping with someone you don't love or trust.
So my friends don't stay in that harmful circle that makes your life and existence bitter.

Have self-love, give yourself the opportunity to meet other people, other places that make us feel better and fuller.
Do it and be happy.


Author's Own Image @anyelina93