An old Soviet dormitory. And I invite you to this dorm

Hello, friends.

I showed this house during one of my walks along this street of my settlement. Currently, I rarely walk along this road, because it is located away from my area of interest. I sometimes come to the grocery store on this street, but it happens at night. But one day I decided to explore the inside of this house. And now I want to share what I saw inside.

It is often difficult to enter such a house at first. If you also remember all sorts of horror stories from movies and cartoons about the creepy things that happen in such houses.
But it usually confuses me that people look askance at those who walk in such houses. People think that I want to find something valuable there or I want to do some bad actions there.
But I understand them. Often such houses begin to burn. But it usually happens at night. Why? Because someone may be interested in the land in this place, someone will want to build something new on this land. But we need to clean up the land, dismantle and dispose of the old building. It takes time and money. It's easier to make an arson and see from the side how brave guys in helmets will extinguish this fire.

So first I'll look around the house from the outside.
What is my first thought when I see this house? Are people living better or richer? Why are the boards still lying around the house, why has no one stolen the window frames? Why wasn't the house pulled apart by a log for firewood?
Probably, people just got lazy. Or maybe there really is no need for old window frames. And firewood is not needed, because many now live in comfortable houses with central heating.


Well, friends, I'm ready to go into the house. True, I don't have a wide-angle lens, but I'll try to photograph something in a small area.
I expect to get a fisheye lens next week. I ordered it on Aliexpress.

The most important thing for hiking in such places is to have good shoes and strong clothes. Especially shoes with thick, sturdy soles. There is always a danger that the foot will step on boards with nails sticking out. This can lead to blood poisoning. There can be a lot of bacteria and microbes on nails in such places. The nail can penetrate deep into the leg and it will be difficult to treat. I am vaccinated against tetanus. But, perhaps, the effect of the vaccination has long been over. I always look carefully at my feet and try to wear the right shoes. But over the past summer, I got a nail prick in my leg twice. I was lucky that the nails were small and the shoes held back the main blow.

Why were wooden houses plastered like that in previous years? I don't know. I find it very inconvenient. I spent my childhood in a wooden house in which such plaster was no longer used. Maybe they leveled the walls in this way? But the walls were never smooth after such actions. A nail doesn't hold well in the wall if you need to hammer it in there. Short nails do not reach the wall.

I'm not going to the second floor. It's not very pleasant for me to do it alone. I need a partner.


It seems to me that these are the legs from the table.

I missed the moment when people were evicted from this house. I live in this locality, but after moving to my house on the outskirts, I stopped noticing many events in our settlement. Just one day walking down this street, I realized that everyone had left the house. And then it started to collapse.

From the fall of 1991 to the fall of 1995, I lived with my wife and my son in a dormitory. But it was a brick house for us. I understood that this was my temporary home and I would leave here. I didn't equip my room. There was also a dormitory in this building, but I see that people were settling in here, realizing that this might be their only basic housing. I know people who have been living in such places for 20 years or more.

I think it was a women's room. Men would be too lazy to make such a thing for themselves.


Newspapers on the walls.
Yes, it's practically a primer before wallpapering. And that's what my parents taught me to do. This is very familiar to me.



I didn't find anything interesting in the rooms I visited. All the furniture was taken out by people. Dishes and other belongings are also missing. Because people continue to live, but in a different place!

I went outside through this window, but first I waited for a young mother with children to pass on, so as not to frighten them.


Wow, there are a lot of mushroom growths on the trees! I just saw it in the photo now!


By and large, the city Administration had to close access to this building, board up windows and doors. Why? Because young people can go to such places in the evenings, they can bring an open fire into the house and a fire may occur. But it is beneficial for the city authorities - there is no house, there are no worries about its disposal.



The circle has closed. I've come to the starting point. I have completed the review of this house.

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Great to see a step back in history, certainly wouldn’t be living there anymore!!!


But in this place, you can build a new house by removing this old one. But apparently, no one wants to do this.
Thank you for your comment, @forthefree19