The Way Forward Is Rules Without Rulers

One of my favourite crypto commentators, Lou Kerner, published a medium post yesterday commenting on the WallStreet Bets / GameStop / RobinHood story.

The heading included these words: The Way Forward Is Rules Without Rulers

I was struck by the simplicity and accuracy of this observation about everything that is going on from decentralised blockchains to WallStreet Bets to Corona tyranny.

I mentioned this line to my wife who immediately observed that: "this is what religion is about - rules without rulers."

I quickly pointed out that this wasn't true of all religions (ie Catholicism) but was true of Judaism and Protestant Christianity.

Indeed the receiving of the Ten Commandments / revelation of the Torah to the Jewish People at Mount Sinai is the foundational moment of a religion founded on the principle of rules without rulers. Not revelation to one person - revelation of a set of rules to tens of thousands of people literally and the entire Jewish people (past and present) theologically.

Extraordinarily important concepts such as limited government, the rule of law and the study of the laws of nature arose from this revelation.

When Guttenberg's printing press allowed Christians to read the Bible directly rather than have it interpreted via central authority (the Catholic Church led by the Pope) it led to the Protestant Reformation which decentralised religion for tens of millions of people. This triggered the Enlightenment and modern scientific theory.

Satoshi's Bitcoin and blockchains like Ethereum and Hive have allowed people to use and create money without centralised authority and to share information and build global communities without centralised control, manipulation and censorship.

This "Blockchain Reformation" is just beginning, but its effects will be as world changing and profound.

This occurs in the context of centralist forces attacking and perverting the fruits of previous decentralising reformations - concepts of limited government, rights of citizens, rule of law and true science.

Just as in these past reformations, the many are fighting back against centralised tyranny of the few with new decentralising technologies.

A great battle for the future has begun.

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We don't need gatekeepers anymore. The window should be open for all you want to explore. Yes, there are people who would rather stay subservient due to the security these central blocks provide. Let centralisation and decentralisation coexist, so people an choose their fate

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