Nigeria: A Bank Official Killed Over a Bullion Van Attack by Armed Robbers

A bullion van carrying a lot of money was attacked by armed robbers in the Ntigha junction of Isiala Ngwa North local government area in Abia State along Port Harcourt and Enugu highway. The attack on the bullion van by armed robbers led to the killing of a bank official whose personal identity is not yet to be identified publicly.

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Channelstv reported that the bullion van attacked by armed robbers in Abia State happened around 1:13 noon on Tuesday and about six policemen were involved as security for the bullion van. As the spread about the bullion van attack within the country continues to trend by the public, the police public relations officer known as Mr. Geoffrey Ogbonna in the state confirmed the attack in a statement he shared in order to make people believe the news and how it happened. He also stated that one bank official's life was lost while three policemen were injured among the six securities allocated to the bullion van during a shootout between the armed robbers but those who were injured has being taking to the nearby hospital for urgent treatment.

It was gathered that the bullion van that was attacked by armed robbers in Abia state Nigeria was carrying millions of dollars in cash from yet to be identified commercial bank to another before it was attacked by the armed robbers. It was also gathered from the Channelstv that six policemen were assigned by the Abia state command to secure the bullion van but were attacked by the armed robbers which later led to the killing of a bank official.

Saharareporters reported through the police public relations officer Mr. Geoffrey Ogbonna that one of the armed robbers was captured by the six police escorts to the bullion van. The police public relations officer also stated that the armed robber who was captured was caught along with his AK47 rifle and other dangerous weapons.

It was gathered through an eyewitness to the bullion van attack by armed robbers that the level of speed that the armed robbers used to overtake the bullion van before shooting was unexpected and it put everybody in the area in panic as they were shooting between the policemen escorts and the armed robbers for hours. The eyewitness also stated that not minding that the police were able to capture one among the armed robbers but it’s also sad to the family of the diseased bank official life that was lost because he has family and friends that he told he will be seeing after work but not knowing that will be the end of his life.

Based on the effort of the police command in Abia state where the bullion van was attacked to investigate the robbing, a notice has been passed to every hospital within and outside the state to report to the police of any suspected person seen visiting them with injuries, especially with a bullet.

Through a verified Twitter account, so many Nigerians have commented with sympathy about the life of the bank official life that was lost and pleaded with the family to bear the loss while some people reacted that the police should make sure that the remaining robbers are investigated and captured.