I've Always Been Curios About What The Future Holds For Me

I’ve always been curious about the future. Most often than not, what I mostly think about is what the future holds for me. I am sure this happens not to only me but everyone else.


Several years ago, I had so many plans I had written out. To my surprise and shock, most of the things I had written were meant to be achieved somewhere last year. In 2019, I had a book full of stuffs I wished to achieve by the year 2022. If you ask me how far with my plans, I will bow down in shame. I made future plans without considering how fast time flies and without considering the time and effort I had to put in to make sure my dreams became a reality. I am sure many of us can relate to this. But why is that so? Why is it so easy to make future plans yet very difficult to accomplish them ? Why do we keep procrastinating? This and many more questions are what linger in my mind all the time after so many failed future plans.



Presently, I dream come to realise that having long term goals is good but it is not the most important. It is good to dream about all the things we want to have in say 5 or 10 years to come. But we can all bear witness to the fact that we do not wake up to possess all those things we want to have. The truth is that, we accrue those possessions, we do not make them. For example; you do not wake up one day and suddenly have a billion dollars in your account. You need to accrue it. Meaning, from a few Cents in your accounts to a few thousands dollars and so on. This journey of a billion dollars, building a charity foundation, or whatever it may be, comes go light based on the little day to day activities we put in place.
There is a Dagbani proverb which translates in English that “if you do not get to nine, you cannot get to ten". This emphatically buttresses on the fact that little drops of water makes a mighty ocean. To me from now onwards, what I have come to realize is that it is good to have long term goals but it is better to clearly define the short term activities you have to do to make the long term goal a reality. Not just defining them but actually putting in the needed work to get things done.



What is the future at all ? Is it tomorrow ? Months or years to come ? What I understand about my future now is that, it is something I create based on what I do now. Then, this makes me think out wild. If the future is solely dependent on now, then the future is NOW. Though not forgetting the far future, I always make sure I do things right presently so that the things I wish for can manifest.
My curiosity about the future comes from the fact that even though I put in the necessary work in designing my future, results have not manifested yet. As a common human nature, we sometimes become impatient after a long time of doing something and waiting for results. Nonetheless, I have a great conviction that the future has so many amazing things in store for us all. Once we do the necessary things, all that we pray for are long life and good health and whatever we wish for shall manifest.


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