Top 30 Most Suggested Cards by the Archmage Splinterlands Hand Selector

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Greetings Players of Splinterlands,

The Archmage Splinterlands Automation service has a library of historical battle data that it uses to select optimal hands from your collection of Owned, Rented, or Delegated cards.

Many users have asked if they could get better results by giving the automation service different cards to work with. So we took a look at the data and found the top 30 most suggested cards by the Archmage Splinterlands Hand Selector.

But we didn't stop there! We also looked at what summoners are commonly paired with each of these cards so you can make the best choices for your collection and gameplay strategy.

And because we care about the entire Splinterlands ecosystem, we're sharing this valuable information with everyone - not just our own users.

If you're looking to get an edge on your opponents in the game, consider picking up some of these cards!

Methodology: How We Generated This List

To create this list, we had our hand selector algorithm choose a hand for each conceivable ruleset and mana cap in each league, assuming that every card was available. We then totaled up the results to see which monsters were chosen the most frequently, along with their summoner.

The Use Score is a rating that compares the frequency with which the Monster/Summoner pair is picked among the top 30 cards. For example, a score of 100 vs. a score of 10 indicates that the card scoring 100 was used in ten times as many battles as the card scoring 10. All of the top 30 cards are utilized frequently, however, these relative variances may help you determine which cards to focus on obtaining.

The Most Used Summoner's list simply adds up the frequency of a Summoner in each of the associated Top 30 Monster/Summoner pairs lists.

Here are the top 30 monsters suggested by the Archmage Splinterlands Hand Selector, along with the summoners that they were paired with for each league:



Bronze Monster/Summoner Pairs

CardUse ScorePaired Summoner
Deeplurker124Kelya Frendul
Flying Squid93Kelya Frendul
Diemonshark87Kelya Frendul
Djinn Oshannus83Quix the Devious
Serpent of Eld67Kelya Frendul
Nerissa Tridawn47Kelya Frendul
Merdaali Guardian39Kelya Frendul
Ice Pixie38Kelya Frendul
Sand Worm38Quix the Devious
Axemaster34Quix the Devious
Venari Wavesmith31Quix the Devious
Mantoid27Kelya Frendul
Kulu Swimhunter27Kelya Frendul
Scavo Hireling21Kelya Frendul
Disintegrator20Quix the Devious
Sniping Narwhal19Kelya Frendul
River Nymph18Kelya Frendul
Wave Brood18Quix the Devious
Feasting Seaweed17Kelya Frendul
Demented Shark16Quix the Devious
Captain's Ghost16Kelya Frendul
Hardy Stonefish16Kelya Frendul
Supply Runner16Quix the Devious
Sea Monster15Kelya Frendul
Djinn Chwala15Quix the Devious
Elven Mystic14Kelya Frendul
Crustacean King13Kelya Frendul
Silent Sha-vi12Thaddius Brood
Cursed Windeku10Thaddius Brood
River Hellondale9Quix the Devious

Bronze Most Used Summoners

Paired SummonerUse Count
Kelya Frendul18
Quix the Devious10
Thaddius Brood2



Silver Monster/Summoner Pairs

CardUse ScorePaired Summoner
Deeplurker81Kelya Frendul
Djinn Chwala67Quix the Devious
Djinn Oshannus57Quix the Devious
Chaos Dragon52Quix the Devious
Flying Squid50Kelya Frendul
Sand Worm46Quix the Devious
Diemonshark45Kelya Frendul
Cursed Windeku42Thaddius Brood
Silent Sha-vi39Thaddius Brood
Furious Chicken38Quix the Devious
Axemaster34Quix the Devious
Nerissa Tridawn34Kelya Frendul
Goblin Psychic32Obsidian
Life Sapper29Thaddius Brood
Regal Peryton26Obsidian
Supply Runner24Quix the Devious
Disintegrator24Quix the Devious
Serpent of Eld24Kelya Frendul
Creeping Ooze24Quix the Devious
Merdaali Guardian23Kelya Frendul
Venari Wavesmith23Quix the Devious
Void Dragon23Quix the Devious
Uraeus22Quix the Devious
Ice Pixie22Kelya Frendul
Venari Crystalsmith20Quix the Devious
Unicorn Mustang20Obsidian
Undead Badger20Thaddius Brood
Mycelic Slipspawn20Obsidian
Khmer Princess20Obsidian
Demented Shark20Quix the Devious

Silver Most Used Summoners

Paired with SummonerUsed
Quix the Devious14
Kelya Frendul7
Thaddius Brood4



Gold Monster/Summoner Pairs

Card NameUse ScorePaired Summoner
Cursed Windeku83Thaddius Brood
Silent Sha-vi67Thaddius Brood
Lira the Dark51Quix the Devious
Corpse Fiend48Quix the Devious
Furious Chicken45Quix the Devious
Doctor Blight43Quix the Devious
Sand Worm43Quix the Devious
Magi Necrosi42Quix the Devious
Djinn Muirat39Quix the Devious
Harklaw35Quix the Devious
Phantom Soldier33Waka Spiritblade
Venari Bonesmith31Quix the Devious
Life Sapper31Thaddius Brood
Uraeus30Quix the Devious
Dhampir Stalker29Quix the Devious
Riftwing28Quix the Devious
Chaos Dragon27Quix the Devious
Djinn Chwala26Quix the Devious
Supply Runner26Quix the Devious
Dark Ha'on25Waka Spiritblade
Twisted Jester24Quix the Devious
Haunted Spirit24Thaddius Brood
Corrupted Pegasus24Waka Spiritblade
Death Elemental23Thaddius Brood
Creeping Ooze23Quix the Devious
Skeleton Assassin22Waka Spiritblade
Shadow Snitch22Quix the Devious
Undead Badger20Thaddius Brood
Soul Strangler19Thaddius Brood
Ancient Lich17Thaddius Brood

Gold Most Used Summoners

Paired SummonerUsed
Quix the Devious18
Thaddius Brood8
Waka Spiritblade4



Diamond+ Monster/Summoner Pairs

CardUse ScorePaired Summoner
Doctor Blight84Quix the Devious
Chaos Dragon54Quix the Devious
Naga Assassin53Quix the Devious
Furious Chicken51Quix the Devious
Lira the Dark47Quix the Devious
Cursed Windeku45Thaddius Brood
Sand Worm42Quix the Devious
Corpse Fiend40Quix the Devious
Supply Runner37Quix the Devious
Uraeus36Quix the Devious
Silent Sha-vi35Thaddius Brood
Djinn Chwala31Quix the Devious
Carnage Titan31Quix the Devious
Queen Mycelia29Obsidian
Djinn Muirat28Quix the Devious
Void Dragon27Quix the Devious
Corrupted Pegasus26Waka Spiritblade
Goblin Psychic25Obsidian
Magi Necrosi25Quix the Devious
Chaos Agent25Thaddius Brood
Deeplurker25Kelya Frendul
Pelacor Conjurer24Quix the Devious
Prismatic Energy24Quix the Devious
Phantom Soldier23Waka Spiritblade
Xenith Monk23Quix the Devious
Twisted Jester22Quix the Devious
Dragon Jumper22Quix the Devious
Mycelic Slipspawn21Obsidian
Creeping Ooze21Quix the Devious
Dark Ha'on21Waka Spiritblade

Diamond+ Most Used Summoners

Paired SummonerUsed
Quix the Devious20
Thaddius Brood3
Waka Spiritblade3
Kelya Frendul1


Wrap Up

Whether you're an Archmage user or not, we hope you found this list of top cards and their associated summoners helpful!

If you're looking to get an edge on your opponents, consider picking up some of these cards. If you'd like Archmage to help you leverage those cards on autopilot, be sure to visit our site and join our discord to hear about upcoming token drops to get access and try out our powerful hand selector for yourself!

And as always, if you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to reach out to us on Discord. We're happy to help however we can.

What do you think of this list? Were you surprised by the list? Think there's a special card missing that you've found gains you an edge? Let us know in the comments below!


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This post was created jointly by:
@almightymelon (who assembled the data) & @iviaxpow3r (who wrote and assembled the post.)


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So for Bronze + Silver --> BUY KELYA

Wouldn't have thought that Thaddius was even near the most used Summoners in Gold and actually can't really believe it. Atleast imo Kelya is 100x stronger.

Waka must be a joke :D



The data doesn’t lie! Lol



This is outstanding data. Wake-up call for all the homies sleeping on Thaddius... he's a menace, so don't sleep on him. Thanks for compiling this Mr. Melon!


Wow, this is great data. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting guys.


Thanks for this data! im sure it was a big task to do for each rank :)
gives me some good ideas of cards to look to add and rent on my accounts who are still slacking


To buy all the Diamond + cards at Max lvl right now would cost about $5,500... well I think I know what my next project is going to be


Wow. The bias of this bot to use the more recent summoners is even worse than I thought. 😱


I think "worse" may be a matter of perspective :)

@almightymelon recently went on a 47-game win streak leveraging this data...

The other thing to keep in mind is that this data shows the selections most present across All Rules and All Mana Caps - I'm not sure if in the real world that the distribution looks like that or not (that you get an equal distribution across the different rules).

This data should be read that... assuming the entire landscape of a league (From the bottom to the top - and not just the top) that these cards are most selected when given all the different options to choose from. Not that they are always the best.


I meant "worse" in terms of what I personally was expecting, i.e a more equal distribution of summoners played. :)

I'm surprised that there is so little variety in Diamond and so few older summoners showing up.

The fact that melon can go on a 47-game win streak leveraging this data just confirms the bias from my perspective and that doesn't seem like a good thing.

It looks to me that if you want to be as successful as you can be with the bot you have to have a very specific set of summoners - Quix for example. And, as I've mentioned before I just see that getting worse as it gets played more and more.

However, as you say, it doesn't mean that Quix is the best, just the most often selected. That's probably significant in a way I'm strugglng to see. Stats are not really my strong point. :-D


Great Post! This info is incredibly useful for players that want to optimize their gameplay by investing into a few cards... on the Bronze League, Kelya is truly the king!

What I found strange is Quix dominating the Silver League.... any ideas why? Quix is a debuffer (-1 Ranged Attack), so he's (at least in theory) only strong against enemies that go Ranged-heavy... he shouldn't be the "default choice" as you can't be sure what strategy the enemy will play...

Also, can I ask something? A few weeks ago I tried to use Archmage, but gave up after a few minutes as I couldn't understand the differences between the tokens. Is there any post about the differences between ARCHMAGE, ARCHMAGEA and ARCHMAGEB?


You can earn passive income by delegation of tribe tokens to "The Cartel"!

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What are the benefits of Alpha (ARCHMAGEA) and Beta (ARCHMAGEB) Passes?

  • Discounts on the future Rewards Fee System. Alphas will see a larger discount than Betas.
  • Alpha-Only Preloaded Balance Alphas receive a preloaded balance to help pay those fees ($10 worth)
  • Prelaunch Airdrops During our Prelaunch promotion, each Alpha and Beta held earns you entries into the 8 weeks of drawings. ARCHMAGEA counts for 2 entries, ARCHMAGEB counts for 1 entry.
  • Future Features As the Archmage project roles out future features, Alphas and Betas will be rewarded whenever possible with Early Access, Free Access (when others pay), or Discounted Access.

All tokens get you access to the service, but Alpha and Beta tokens have the above benefits :)


Personally I think Quix works really well as it allows a speed debuf to combine with other cards that affect speed and miss chance plus the choice of any other available color. It opens up a lot of options for speed play and many different strategies depending on color combination.

Could even have other cards debuf melee/magic to just knock the enemy team down a notch across the board. Just recently acquired quix and a decent level Thaddius and it's impressive. Death and dragon were literally the ones I would reroll haha


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Great post that inspired me to put more resources into my death and dragon decks, was neglecting those and literally had just these two set to reroll xD

Will we be seeing more of these kind of posts in the future? Wouldn't mind a monthly (or weekly!) edition on this kind of data.


Thank you, I am a newbie to the bot, this is really awesome info.


It would be epic to get an updated list!