mushroom 🍄🍄


Hi friends, how are you hive friends all over the world I hope you are healthy and successful, friends
in Indonesia, it's already night, so friends, tonight I want to share a picture of the mushroom that I got this morning.

so friends this morning I did my usual activities but I found another pleasure when I was on the move, namely finding mushrooms that grew growing between rotten wood, when I saw mushrooms and also spiders The sweet spider is silent in the mushroom, what is it doing, I don't know 😁
because snapping the beauty of mushrooms is my hobby Of course I will quickly do it

In the same place,I also saw other mushrooms that were of different colors and also had different beauty, of course each mushroom had a different beauty depending on who took the picture too.

I shifted a little from the original place to get another picture it turns out I got a big surprise, I saw mushrooms that hadn't bloomed, of course the appearance would be different, friends, if only the mushrooms had bloomed,

my friends feel dissatisfied if I only share a few pictures and only a few types of mushrooms
I want to display a different one too of course well friends here I also have this picture the appearance of mushrooms piled up gives a different look from the others,I never tired of mushrooms maybe the mushrooms are bored with my camera 😁

On this occasion, this is all I share, I hope my mushroom lovers like it

thanks very much
salam saya @aroelarnal


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