March - LEO Power Up Day | Just Stacking.


Not missing any LPUD.

I feel like slime being pulled from every direction. Sluggish and tired. Sleepy. Unenergetic. But there are lots of things that need to be done so no time for slacking. Instead, let me just pop in here to say, "Hi", and take a few minutes to give my LEO account a quick check up.

It's #LPUD today. Let's keep stacking!

I shared my LEO Goals just a few days before 2022 ended. I wanted to become a CUB with at least 5000 LEO tokens staked. To do that, I need to power up at least 250 LEO each month this 2023.

Hitting it month after month.

I am happy to share that I have not missed any LPUD so far (though this is just the 3rd, lol) and that I have been able to stake above my monthly target.

Here's my power up for today:


I'm loving the progress...

2023$LEO Power UpLEO Power StakedBalance to Goal

It's looking good so far. When I first made the goal I honestly thought that I might not be able to reach my planned 250 LEO per month, that I may have to compensate by creating more LEO posts. I don't have the luxury of time for that so I am thankful that my LEO rewards from HP delegations and curation rewards have been adding up quite sufficiently.

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Have you powered up already? Who knows, you just might be one the lucky winner of the delegation pledges!

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Happy and prosperous day, your post seems very interesting to me, if I want to get Leo what should I do, another question, if I manage to have for example 2000 LEO tokens staked what is the monthly profit.

I appreciate your help


Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. LEO is a Hive Engine token, you can buy it from the market. Most of my LEO tokens come from delegating Hive Power to @leo.voter. I get around 7.8 LEO daily from this.

As far as I know, there's no interest in staked LEO, just curation rewards. If I get it correctly, I get around 0.5 LEO daily from curation rewards with my 2800 LEO power.