Duke Nukem 3D Single Player: User map: Slaughter House (version 2) | Author: Akimbo


About the game

d3d.jpgDuke Nukem 3D is a first person shooter (FPS) for PC released in 1996, is one of the classics of the nineties.

It was popular, it sold well, and in its shadow grew other quite successful titles like Shadow Warrior or Blood. Thanks to it, the people at 3D Realms (a subdivision of Apogee Software) earned a lot of money and prestige, and their company became one of the big ones; eventually they squandered it all..., but that's another story.

Level editing, custom user maps

One of the keys to its success was the mapping community that was formed, many users created their own levels using the Build editor (engine and level editor of the game).

A multitude of user maps were created in the late 90's focused on multiplayer Dukematch (Deathmatch) games, but also proliferated many single player levels.

Nowadays there is still a more or less active community of mapmakers that from time to time release a new custom map or mod.

Details of the gameplay posted

Duke Nukem 3D Single Player:
Single player gameplay, completing the user map titled Slaughter House (version 2).

Map info:

Map TitleMap AuthorMap DownloadAddon required
Slaughter House (version 2)Akimbodownload-

Enjoy the gameplay

Source Port: EDuke32

Thanks for watching!


I am not a lover of the shooter genre with horror scenes, there have been very few that I've gotten to play. But something that I must accept, is that your gameplay is clearly incredible, games are pretty good, I guess you must have a long experience with this good game. I've seen the whole gameplay, I've enjoyed watching you play. Your aim is potentially good and destructive with respect to the enemy characters in the game, you didn't even let them breathe, the way you exterminated the final boss was something tremendously cool. You are a real pro in this game. Thanks for sharing such a great gameplay, it was a pleasure to watch you play.


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