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Many things are behind the history of Venezuela, a country benefited with an exceptional geopolitics, the country with the largest oil reserves in the world, possessor of gold, iron, bauxite, coltan and even so it is a poor country with lower percapita income some African countries. Two great dictatorships and a democracy that has only served to do complacent business with elite countries in the industrialized world has left a country with a foreign debt that is ridiculous if we compare the wealth that Posse Venezuela.

In this article I will show some graphics of an automobile that was manufactured in Venezuela more than 60 years ago, the ingenuity at that time made many companies develop technology that in less than a decade was overshadowed by the marketing of European and American cars, and not only talk about cars, so happened with many technologies whose industries were disappearing.

In Caracas there was an automobile factory that revolutionized the automobile industry 60 years ago, we will never know what would have happened if that small company would manufacture automobiles until today.

The reality is that the globalization and commercialization of European and American automobiles became a failure for entrepreneurial companies in the technology sector. It was not necessary to acquire or buy automobile companies it was only necessary to commercialize automobiles in Venezuela, the great military dictatorships that were governing almost all the countries of Latin America during the last century are the main responsible for the technological backwardness of the region, while the United States obtained a juicy oil concession thanks to the military dictatorship of Juan Vicente Gomez for more than 100 years. Literally they took away the given oil and Venezuela obtained very ridiculously small royalties that plunged the country into an unprecedented crisis, then democracy would mean an improvement of the Nation and meant foreign debts and economic packages imposed by the international monetary fund.

More recently, Venezuela has changed its trade partners from the North Americans to the Chinese and Russians, who likewise continue to indebt the country with my credits in order to suffocate the crisis it is currently experiencing and of which we have little chance of stabilization for a considerable period of time.

Venezuela, the country with all the climates and natural resources to be a power, is a country with debts and with little probability of being a power due to the attitude of the merchants and the state that only think about importing instead of producing.

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