Fortune Adelekan

I am an artist, graphic designers and motivational speaker. I focus on oil painting, acrylic painting, pencil and biro drawing.
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Author reward: 0.00002684 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/arabian-sisters-pencil-on-paper
Curation reward: 0.00050753 NEOXAG for ishketch/day-14-and-15-or
Author reward: 3.24124476 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/cow-boy
Author reward: 0.00782568 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/pencil-on-paper
Curation reward: 0.00007043 NEOXAG for drynemer/art-in-watercolors-and-colors-remembering-movie-scenes
Author reward: 0.00732739 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/rzoyrc
Author reward: 1.65653549 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/teaching-painting-1
Curation reward: 0.00019363 NEOXAG for manisha.jain9/day-229-365-follow-your
Author reward: 0.00003432 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/tomorrow-s-today
Author reward: 0.00700388 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/african-feelings
Author reward: 0.03570099 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/expressionism-drawing
Author reward: 0.00000198 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/marble-on-canvas
Author reward: 0.13698330 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/5zcx68-pencil-portraits
Author reward: 0.00000828 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/my-experience-at-art-battle
Author reward: 0.00126846 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/6u5ez-acrylic-on-canvas
Author reward: 0.22322783 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/dance
Author reward: 0.05445233 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/marble-painting-3
Curation reward: 0.00013957 NEOXAG for krucekoncept/day-72-portrait-art-ballpoint-drawing
Author reward: 0.06943197 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/marble-work-2
Author reward: 0.00740086 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/marble-painting
Curation reward: 0.00012823 NEOXAG for itsgabbie/color-wheel-art-challenge-or-lemons-yellow
Curation reward: 0.00013974 NEOXAG for kgakakillerg/rare-alien-flower-original-digitalart-i-post-new-creations-daily
Author reward: 0.03706881 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/woman-frying-akara
Author reward: 0.00735971 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/market-scene-acrylic-on-canvas
Author reward: 0.02429853 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/2wmksc-acrylic-on-canvas
Author reward: 0.00269050 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/twsn5-acrylic-on-canvas
Author reward: 0.04766844 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/colourful-drums
Author reward: 0.61155415 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/cock-painting
Author reward: 0.45555899 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/5ugaql-acrylic-on-canvas
Author reward: 0.00000579 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/pencil-portrait-3
Author reward: 0.00254625 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/pencil-on-cardboard
Author reward: 0.00578947 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/3fh84t-oil-on-canvas
Author reward: 0.06293489 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/2jt6xn-pastel-on-paper
Author reward: 0.10768789 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/6qn8rp-oil-on-canvas
Author reward: 0.00550020 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/4dquhx-charcoal-on-paper-3
Author reward: 0.21294278 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/charcoal-on-paper-3
Author reward: 0.04785751 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/charcoal-drawing-3
Author reward: 0.36467995 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/3qqnyh-charcoal-drawing
Author reward: 0.19473885 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/charcoal-on-paper
Author reward: 0.02052756 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/after-the-rain
Author reward: 0.00091309 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/35xp55-the-view-of-my-city-on-canvas
Author reward: 0.00285527 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/the-view-of-my-city-on-canvas
Author reward: 0.05473810 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/bulldozer-painting
Author reward: 0.04420485 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/figure-drawing
Curation reward: 0.00017642 NEOXAG for ajayishogo/genesis-my-essence-a-mix
Author reward: 0.06089174 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/oil-on-canvas
Curation reward: 0.00074793 NEOXAG for ajayishogo/to-be-young-and-free
Author reward: 0.00524298 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/still-life-painting
Author reward: 0.03814719 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/pen-portrait-001
Author reward: 0.00223511 NEOXAG for artbyafrigold1/rk8a0v