Travel with me to Hout Bay Harbor


Would you like to travel with me to Hout Bay Harbor South Africa?

I would really like to share my experience with you.

So...lets pack those travel bags and set off to one of my favorite places in South Africa, Cape Town, which is situated on the Southwest Coast, and is surrounded by two Oceans, the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean.

On our travels, we stopped at Hout Bay Harbor Fish Market to buy some fresh fish to take home and fry for dinner, it was really yummy.

boats in hovour.jpg
Firstly...let me tell you a little about Hout Bay.

Hout Bay, dating back to 1653 when it was established, is a beautiful and unique coastal suburb of Cape Town, it lies in the valley on the Atlantic Seaboard of the Cape peninsula, hidden between two mountains 20 kilometers from Cape Town City.

A few fishing boats can be seen amongst Yachts and sailboats in the Bay.
(Hout Bay) means (Wood Bay), it's also known for it's yellow-wood trees grown in the ravines in the valley.

boats and mountains.jpg
This little Village has so much to offer, like walking trails, horse riding, water sport and a whole lot of fun things to do.

fishing boats.jpg
There is a small fisherman settlement, fishing village, close to the harbor from where it's convenient for the fisherman to take their boats to sea.

Unfortunately ,with new restrictions put in place by the Government, these people are struggling to make a living.

The beach along side the bay resting at the foot of the mountain, with it's magnificent views, is where one can stroll peacefully and enjoy the fresh air, or take one's dog for a walk on the white sands and listen to the sea-gulls call to each other as they hover over the sea shore, looking for food.

The sea-gulls love to frolic in the puddles of sea water on the side of the bay.

One can have one's photo taken with a seal, at a price of cause...I sneaked this one.
They're so big and fat, soooo adorable... love to pose for the camera too I might add, Lol!

seal 2.jpg
There are a couple of Seals which are very tame and are fed fish by the local people. They love the attention from humans, they're like huge puppy adorable Lol!!

fish market.jpg
We made our way to the Fish Market where we bought some lovely fresh fish.

fresh fish.jpg
There was a large variety to choose from the catch of the day.

choose your crab.JPG
Fresh Crab to choose from to make a delicious "Crab Curry".

bokoms 2.jpg
We couldn't resist going home without "Bokoms" (Dried sardines) a very acquired taste, not for everyone.
They're very rich and fishy tasting...a good source of amego 3's.
Unfortunately the smell hangs around for a day or would have to stay clear of making new friends after feasting on them Hehe!!, it's well worth it though Lol!

fishermens wharf.jpg
Lovely Menu to choose from.

the pearl factory.jpg
At the Pearl factory, one could pick an oyster in hopes of finding a pearl.

There are also varies souvenirs and awesome gifts to choose from in this little shop on the Bayside.

captain sparrow.jpg
Captain Hook (Hand carved from wood by locals) sighting out the scenery, waiting for his mug to be filled with rum.

Cute little souvenirs to take home to remind one of the history of Hout Bay.

jack sparrow.jpg
Jack Sparrow keeping a watchful eye over the establishment, Hehe.

salor gifts.jpg
Carved wooden sailors standing at attention, ready to take on the challenging seas.
Would look quite dandy in one's Pub at home, don't you think?

vendor.jpgWe passed a Vendor who was selling some amazingly beautiful Sea a price I might add.

primere fishing.JPG
There are quite a few different shops selling items pertaining to the history and cuisine of the area.

wharf side grill.jpg
I was told that "The Wharfside Grill" sells the best fish and chips one can buy in Cape Town.
Will definitely try them on the next visit.

People wondered along the Wharf, admiring the fresh air and views.

bayside halaal.jpg
The Bayside Halaal Take-outs have a variety of delicious mouth watering dishes on their menu to satisfy the hungry apatite.

Well my friends...we have come to the end of our trip to "Hout Bay Harbor" thank you for giving me the opportunity to share part of my beautiful country with you.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have showing you around.
Until next time...Safe Travels.



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Original content by @artywink

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Everyone always talks of Hout Bay, yet I've never been there, somehow we never have enough time to visit! I'd visit just for the seafood ;)
Lovely photos my friend!
A well-deserved rest for you!


Thank you my friend, we'll have to take you on a visit there then hey!
It's such a lovely outing.Thanks for stopping by.


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Hout Bay harbor is a lovely family outing! @Matthew-Williams has even been so lucky as to meet, pet and feed one particularly friendly seal there (they're enormous!).


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Brought back some nostalgia @artywink - reminded me of my last trip to hout bay and the lovely farmers market there. I once wrote a blog about it - will try to find it now.
Lovely post - :)


Thank you @pandamama ,the Cape just does something to me, I feel I'm at home. Thank you so much for stopping by.