Don't Even Mess With Jared Scar!!


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I am sharing my battle out of theme from Legionnaire Alvar for the battle challenge but i want to share about another battle that awesome for my opinion
sorry if my write is not good but hoping you can enjoy some of my content.

In this content i want to share about Legendary monster in Life Element Jared Scar with its Great ability that have Bloodlust,True Strike,and Piercing. Somehow,with Bloodlust abilities we can looking the satisfying of killing sensation and get the adrenaline and serotonine in our mind that make us satisfying. Lets break down the card and what the interesting in this battle.


Before enter the battlefield lets break down the card From Reward edition Jared Scar the Life Legendary monster that is very good in the Gold League up with unlock all abilities that very usefull in every battle

Screenshot (1367).png

From this picture you can see that the stats of Jared Scar is not very good for the Legendary. But, what make Jared Scar feel so great and deadly if the bloodlust abilities activate. When the bloodlust active? When the Jared Scar can kill the opponent so the best ruleset for Jared is Melee Mayheim or Super Sneak or Equal Opportunity. So jared can be hidden in 3rd or 4th row and make Jared untouchable until the bloodlust activated.
What makes the Bloodlust hard to activated because usually we need to predict and calculate the speed and kept Jared hidden from opponent attack with just 6 HP for Legendary it is so narrow and weak. almost no defence at all and also have low speed so that almost guarantee that Jared Scar attack last.
So i will share one of my battle that for me it is super satisfying to look and discuss. Without further a do lets go to the battlefield


Let's Rumble

Strategi Phase

Screenshot (1370).png

In this battle it is very hard to arrange the strategy because the manacap just 20 which is very small amount given and i cannot choose the best monster to pick. The ruleset is support with Jared because the Equal Opportunity which is all monster have the opportunity abilities and Tis but scratches which is all monster have Cripple ability so we need avoid long battle and finish it quickly avoid heal because it will useless if got crippled.The element that cannot be used is Fire and Dragon Element. So in this battle i just have 3 choice which is Water,Life,and Death element because i am not renting the earth element at all. But with Opportunity ruleset i want to test out using Jared is effective or not.
This is my arrangement in this battle table below :

Lux VegaSummoner+1 Speed +1 Armor +1 HPThe only i rent this time is Lux Vega without other summoner that can be picked because i just only rent the other than Lux Vega is Jacek and Skargore the rest is very expensive to rent
Chaos AgentFiller TankerDodge,Phase,BackfireI am using this filler as a tanker because with the high speed 4 basic speed plus 1 from Lux Vega and 1 from Soul Fiend will be 6 speed and have the Dodge and Phase abilties so all the attack will be calculated based on difference speed. But dont forget the backfire abilities when dodge the opponent will backfire and hit back the opponent os Chaos Agent maybe good to as a mini tank in this case that also filler for the Vulguine Scavanger abilities
Soul FiendFillerSwiftnessI am using this monster for the swiftness and as a filler for Vulguine later if this monster died but first think is supporting the speed all of my monster so the chance to attack first is very big hopefully opponent monster can get killed more in first 2 round
VulguineTankerScavenger,Dodge,EnrageI am using this monster prepared the worst case if the Chaos Agent and Soul Fiend get killed easily so Vulguine can get 2 additional HP with Dodge ability and high speed adding chance opponent will miss the attack and give some spare time to Jared activated the bloodlust effect
Jared ScarMain AttackerBloodlust,True Strike,PiercingThe Opportunity ruleset make this monster will finishing off the opponent monster that not be killed in the last round cause the first Jared has slow speed so almost guarantee that Jared will finishing off the opponent and get the bloodlust. True Strike ability can be so very functional if the opponent using same strategy with me with depend on chance miss attack.True strike will ignore all the miss chance 100% hit the opponent regardless how big the speed difference
Stitch LeechBack TankerSneak & Life LeechI am using this monster because need back tank if the opponent using sneak attack against me. So with Life leech ability i hope it will help prolong the battle so Jared Scar got activate the Bloodlust abilities first before the Stitch Leech dies. usually the opponent using Uraeus as the backstabber so with Life Leech hoping that can hold for 2-3 rounds
Venator KinjoSupportReflection Shield,Camouflage, Immunity,Slow,AmplifyI am using this monster because of the Slow and Camouflage ability adding more 1 damage to enemy is helping enough and can be the last one man standing with camouflage abilities. but overall i am using the slow abilities to make sure my monster will attack first not the last. in my thought the first attacker will make the game different because when killed in the first time it will make the difference in total damage can be got and give.

So after looking my line up lets go to the battlefield and take a look at the synopsis of the battle



Screenshot (1373).png

First of all i dont expect i will facing Mylor in this battle. This will be hard battle because i am using all melee monster. I dont know the opponent is human that think the way of opponent using all with melee or this is bot that can read all the data because opportunity can be using range and magic damage too.
But it is okay forget the f**king bot that i hate even i am using one because i need to ride the tide or i will get rolled up by the waves and get nothing from it.Lets go to round 1 in pessimistic this time.

Round 1

Screenshot (1371).png

As usual first round is all monster will get Buff and Debuff from both summoner and monsters. In this battle i am just got speed Buff 1 additional HP and Armor from Lux Vega the opponent got additional 2 armor from Queen Mycelia and got Thorns ability from Mylor. Hopefuly this is human think that way because if this bot it is very very bad for the people that enjoying playing this game. It is very hard that human cannot predict what the opponent used and just depends on what they rent and the ruleset. But the bot using all data that been used to gather information about the opponent and using the best to counter with calculate the RNG. hoping the Dev still support the human and communities not for bot instead.
Okay move to the battle all my monster got debuff from Failed Summoner Demoralize abilities and the hard part is amplify from Queen mycelia combined with thorns abilities from mylor and i need to depends on bloodlust from Jared and got 1 additional armor from bloodlust. And in first round my Jared scar can killed Chaos Agent and active the bloodlust and my armor got depletede from thorns abilities except the Venator Kinjo because of the Reflection Shield abilities. The annoying on from this round is the different speed between my Chaos Agent and queen mycelia or Earth elemental is 4 which is 40% chance miss and have additional miss chance from phase and dodge man. Here that i doubt it is human because if human play like this is very very lucky person. But i believed that this is bot because even i win this battle or not the bot calculate the RNG of missing chance so the miss is very low for bot.

Round 2

Screenshot (1376).png

In Round 2 Jared killed the second opponent Khmer Princess and activate bloodlust the second time that will be 7 Attack and 5 speed with 7 attack that make the Jared can automatically killed Queen Mycelia (the next target if not die first) and earth elemental the second target. But here still i am confusing my chaos agent still got hit and no one from enemy missing although have dodge abilities and 4 different speed still the opponent 100% hit my chaos agent. they did not have true strike like jared maaannnn!!!. This is make sure that the opponent is bot using Archmage or xbot that very annoying using data and manipulate data like that.So in this round 2 my First tank Chaos agent killed and Soul fiend killed first. that make Vulguine going forward and be the tanker.

Round 3

Screenshot (1378).png

In round 3 Jared still be killing machine and first attack can killed Queen Mycelia.Fortunately the Jared have bloodlust abilities so the damage and HP still going up and can hold the Thorns from Mylor. In this round my Stich Leech got died too the enemey remains Earth Elemental with just 1 HP and opponent Dr Blight have 10 Hp from Scavenger abilities. and Vulguine have 6 HP left in end of round 3.

Round 4

Screenshot (1381).png

Next Jared Scar killed opponent Earth Elemental and got the next bloodlust effect that will be make Jared having 9 attack 7 speed but 10 HP that will be almost impossible to kill Jared in this mode. So even bot used calculated miss you cannot stop the Jared meenn.. but seriously when i am climbing up the rank it is very different when you facing human or bot the bot have the best timing of miss. For example like this the difference and the abilities of dodge got ignore but if you have magic reflect or thorns itself the opponent will miss the attack. that super annoying right.

Round 5 & 6

Screenshot (1383).png

In round 5 Jared Killed the Failed summoner and still activated the bloodlust effect that will be very very strong and unbeatable.with total 11 attack 11 HP and 8 speed. but still cannot killing Dr Blight in just one single blow. but thanks to the last touch from Vulguine The cripple damage from Vulguine and Venator Kinjo make the total life of Dr Blight fit with the damage from Jared. LOL

Screenshot (1385).png

Yes maybe title for this battle the best is Jared Scar vs Everybody because all the monster killed by Jared Scar. yeah fortunately even the bot using data to manipulate the RNG still with true strike Jared can beat you BOT!!!! Even there is no happines because the opponent maybe the big chance is bot but yeah i need still going pump the rating to hopefully entering in 20 big in Leaderboard diamond.

If you want to look the video you can just klik and watch link below :

If the video cannot be played...thats so sad...but don't worry you can watch in game battle link here :

Jared Vs Everybody



So for my opinion despite the bots, Jared scar is very fit if the ruleset is Melee Mayheem or Super Sneak or Equal Opportunity because it will be finishing off the opponent and activated the bloodlust abilities that will make Jared growing strong and stronger and be the strongest of the board and hard to got killed because of the accumulating bloodlust effect. And Jared trully reccomended to buy right now before end of this months because i read that in the next month after the soulbound rewards card got live the other rewards card not be printed again and cannot be sell but correct me if i am wrong in the comment section


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