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Now i am write about who is better tank in social media challenge here..
sorry if my write is not good but hoping you can enjoy some of my content

This post is part of social media Challenge and in this post i will tell you that Conqueror Jacek is awesome with Super fast monster and killer monster. but in this battle there are 2 important abilities that make it crucial. It is Scattershot from Jacek itself and Swiftness.

In this battle i am using my alternate account that named Woofie.I am rent many NFT cards and going to diamond league. Hoping i can included in Leaderboard too even in the last season i did not entering in Leaderboard. That so sad. Lets break down the battle of super speed Fire Monster.


Screenshot (1349).png

First from the bottom of my heart i am trully recomended this summoner. This summoner is very awesome in high tier league Gold up. mostly the battle is full with how to kill enemy as fast you can with the high speed monster and high damage. Usually, i am using 2 monster that support jacek it is Countess Sinash and Supply Runner.

Screenshot (1350).png

With 4 range damage and having blast ability and opportunity with basic speed 4 + 1 From swiftness ability and 2 additional speed from jacek it is very fast and maybe the first killer. Even though the health is very small with 4 HP Countess Sinash have important abilities that is Camuflage that cannot be damaged before it is in front row and very good with Affliction so if you have taunt monster and have healed this can solve the problem.

Second monster that support Jacek is Supply Runner

Screenshot (1352).png

Supply Runner is support with Swiftness Ability and Strenghten ability which can adding more speed and health so all the monster have total 2 additional speed from Supply Runner and Countess Sinash and 2 additional speed from Jacek too with total 4 additional speed that will adding more chance the opponent will miss the attack but maybe it is not very useful against bot. stille bot can give damage even you have 4 speed different maybe 100 different still bot can damage because bot nowdays can calculating the RNG too.

Here my rent for Fire summoner that support Jacek

Screenshot (1336).png

Screenshot (1337).png

Screenshot (1338).png

but What i love and often i used to be a main damager in Speed Deck with Jacek is Spark Pixie
this monster is very awesome hard to kill and give high damage and having stun too. This can be annoying to opponent.

Screenshot (1351).png

What makes this monster annoying is having basic speed 7 and having flying ability and having dodge ability. With 4 additional Speed it will be 11 speed with Flying and Dodge. Mostly impossible to get hit. But if it get hit i guarantee it will be die instanly.

In my journey climbing up the rating to be Diamond I League i have 1 battle with Jacek as summoner that amusing me and make my adrenalin up and make me satisfying.

Lets break down the battle aye.


Strategy Phase

Screenshot (1356).png

First of all if you want using Jacek make sure the manacap rule is big or at least over 40 Manacap why?? Because Jacek it self consume 6 Mana yet another monster and the monster with high speed and have good ability have big manacap Countess Sinash for example need 8 Manacap.In this battle The ruleset is Equaliser which is The initial Health of all Monsters is equal to that of the Monster on either team with the highest base Health.With 50 Manacap and the element that cn be used is just Fire and Death Element. From this Manacap definitely i am using Fire Element with Jacek than using Lux with Death Element with Equaliser Ruleset.

So, Let's look what i am using in the battle and the arrange of my battle in the table below

Conqueror JacekSummoner+2 Speed, Scattershot, PiercingI am using Jacek insted Lux Vega because the Equaliser ruleset is tempting to using Heal so than using Lux Vega with just adding 1 armor and 1 speed i am using all focus in just speed and great damage from range damage
Exploding RatsFirst TankerBlast, Redemption,True StrikeWith just 4 Mana this monster having the highest HP for in the board will make this card having super advantage and with 11 speed total maybe it will make the opponent miss the attack.
Spark PixieFirst AttackerFlying,Stun,DodgeSame reason with Exploding Rats having 11 Speed and have Flying and dodge can be super annoying for the opponent meanwhile the opponents still miss the attack the other monster can kill opponent monster fast.
Supply RunnerSupportSwiftness & StrenghtenI am using this monster because swiftness ability can make the other monster in my board in battlefield super fast and got bonus 1 additional HP from Strenghten abilities
Djinn InferniMain AttackerGiant Killer & StunWith low HP and get equaliser make the Djinn Inferni very powerfull with basic magic damage is 5 and have high speed too, it will be super damager to the opponent
Fire ElementalSecond AttackerBlast, Affliction,RedemptionI am using this monster because the blast ability and affliction abilities so whoever opponent monster with Heal ability it cannot be healed with random Scattershot maybe it will make the opponent cannot heal anymore
Countess SinashSupport AttackerBlast,Camuflage,Swiftness, Affliction,OpportunityThe last monster that i used is the Support Killer Legendary. This monster still supporting other monster in team with Swiftness and can kill the opponent low HP monster with Opportunity abilities not only that this monster have blast ability that will splashing any damage to other monster beside it.

So, this is my line up and strategies,what do you think guys??
can it win the battle??
So lets find out in the battlefield aye


Screenshot (1355).png

Fortunately in this battle the opponent not using Lux Vega bcause it will make the different in speed just 1.

Round 1

As usual the first round is all the monster get buff and debuff from each other monster and summoner. After that the first attacker is my Spark Pixie hit Tinderlock and carry on until the opponent Countess Sinash killed my Exploding Rats.what i confused is even the Speed is so high it still can be damage.
Screenshot (1357).png

The round 1 not much happened just the opponent killing My Exploding rats and it is no problem but i don't know if the opponent still not miss though.Carry on to the next round

Round 2

Screenshot (1359).png

Maybe in Round 1 i am just opening the Armor and cannot kill the opponent at all because the scattershot and the Magic damage just Djinn Inferni and got debuff by Tinderlock. But in round 2 even the scattershot can kill opponent Supply Runner. And as i am predicted just opponent Djinn Inferni that can hit Spark Pixie the rest is missing the attack but Spark Pixie just got stunned but it is okay Spark Pixie cannot attack too.

Round 3

Screenshot (1361).png

In Round 3 my monster can kill Opponent Lava Launcher and because Djinn Inferni still alive yeah my Spark Pixie got killed too. Hoping when supply runner in front the other of my team can kill the rest of the opponent monster.

Round 4

Screenshot (1364).png

In early Round 4 my Fire Elemental can kill Djinn Inferni and give blast damage to Opponent Counter Sinash too and my Djinn Inferni can kill Tinderlock too. that makes the opponent remains Counter Sinash and Antoid Platoon.

Round 5


This is the final round and with Djinn Inferni and Spark Pixie, Antoid Platoon can be defeated and my Countess Sinash can finish the last standing monster that same Countess Sinash.With Jacek Summoner it trully make the battle so fast with just 5 rounds 13 health with 6 monster can be fast killed.

If you want to look it in video you can watch in there:

or if this video cannot be played you can watch in game battle in link bellow




So based of renting fire element in road to diamond I League. Jacek is trully extraordinary that can be helping with high mana and confused what to used. With the high speed and high damage range it will be destructive. But maybe the weakness if facing Quix and slow monster. Because if the speed not high enough it will be a basic monster with no excess. But overall with the Speed like that trully Jacek and the monster still very very good but i dont know what the battle became if facing with bot lets says Archmage or Xbot maybe i am the lost one because not the opponent attack will miss but surely my monster got miss the attack and the bots still can damage my monster. Hoping this can be controled. This make people who playing will be using bot and in the end just bot vs bot.


In the end I am very thankfull for the reader that read my content hope you all enjoying this content, don't forget to upvote and leave comments. If you are interested in starting this game and don't have an account yet, you can use my referrals:

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