👨‍💻 The Weekly ASEAN Hive "Hot Goss" 👩‍⚖️ #54 🐱 Friendly Housecats, Hungry Lions, & Cheeky Customers 🦁


Greetings Hivers, welcome to the Weekly ASEAN Hive "Hot Goss", where I @justinparke dig up false ASEAN Hive rumors and spread even more, but all in satirical fun and support of Southeast Asian content on Hive.


🐱 Friendly Housecats, Hungry Lions, & Cheeky Customers 🦁

February 7th, 2023
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image.pngby: @sujitsawant (click pic to go to post)

     This post was almost unbelievable, but this ASEAN Hiver gifted a random cat a rose he had picked earlier, the two shared a sunset together, and then the CAT JOINED THE HUMAN FOR A MILKSHAKE. This is not typical cat behavior because most felines are godless killing machines.
     Obviously there is something special about this flower-sunset-milkshake loving kitty, and it's clear to see in the post. Perhaps trying gifting a rose to your local neighborhood cat and see what happens......

image.pngby: @shikika (click pic to go to post)

     A strange new trend is taking off in the Philippines, and it basically involves DINERS SEEING WHO CAN SPEND THE LEAST AT A RESTAURANT. On this occasion all 4 ladies were determined to win, and nobody ordered anything until @shikika broke down and bought an iced water with lemon.
     Restaurant owners are understandably not very enthusiastic about this new diner game, and are now lobbying the government to create a law that would require all customers to buy at least one thing from the menu or be forced to leave the establishment. What do you all think about this?

image.pngby: @tommyl33 (click pic to go to post)

     Okay, last but not least, a PACK OF LIONS TRIED TO EAT A NEWLYWED COUPLE down in Malaysia. Onlookers snapped photos and many were frozen in shock as the lions approached a newly married couple exiting a building.
     In the end nobody was injured because the couple held their ground, made as little eye contact as possible, and didn't turn their backs to the hungry lions.

Until Next Time ASEAN Hivers....

     Don't forget that this curation is merely fictional satire, so don't take anything I write too seriously.

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Hahaha. This is awesome! Thanks sir @justinparke for featuring me again after so long I am not around. 🤗
It is amazing cat behaviour. 😀
I didn't know I bought iced water with lemon. 😁😁
And it's funny how the lion wants to eat the couple. 😁😁
Congratulations to all featured aseanhivers. 🤗


My wife and tried this game last night at a restaurant and were asked to leave after an hour 😆😉.