Safari park with kids for sightseeing in Karachi.

Safari Park is one of the most beautiful and exciting parks in Karachi. It is well known for its animal shows, and visitors come from far and wide to enjoy the park and animal zoo. The Sifari park's entry gate features a large statue of an elephant, which serves as the park's symbol.


After many years, I returned to Karachi, often known as the City of Lights. We reside in a chilly region where snow and rain begin in December, adding to the coldness of the weather. As a result, I chose to travel to Karachi, where the temperature is moderate and the weather is pleasant for both days and nights.

I have two tiny girls who want the weather to be nice so they can avoid illness. We also have vacation this month, which I believed would be the greatest opportunity to take the family to the hot season for the weekend. I decided to visit Safari Park, one of the best and most natural parks, as soon as we arrived in town after a two-day rest.

This park has more flora and vegetation, and there is grass everywhere, which makes it even more lovely. The wonderful evening that we decided to sit on the grass and enjoy the milk tea with the bakery sweets. When you're with your family and enjoying the beauty of nature, these are the best times of your life.

I took some photos with the Infinix Note 10 Mobile Camera and thought I'd share them with the color/black&white community. The first image shows a stunning long date tree that I photographed. I discovered this lovely tree in the reflection of the sunset. The sun's rays fell on the tree, giving it a golden hue.


The next image is of a tree with a forest behind it, which adds to the beauty of the scene. The photography time, where I don't share my tea, and the tea time, which is simply impossible. Another image that represents our vitality in the park is a cup of milk tea with a bakery cake.

There are more photographs of the tea and plants, which is the beauty of my photography. The final image is of a plant leaf that I particularly loved. I like it because the veins of the leaves are more visible, making it unique and beautiful. More images in colour and black and white have been shared with you.

This is my attempt to provide you with the greatest photographs available from the Safari Park. I hope you enjoy the post and that you enjoy the photographs as well. If you enjoyed the post, please leave a review in the comments section so that the future post will be even better. Thank you for sticking with me all the way to the end.

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