Understanding the Price of Hive: Impact on Upvote Value and Earnings

The bull and bear markets have a significant impact on the earnings of users of the hive ecosystem. This is similar to those businesses that have a working season. Assume that in the winter, many businesses are packed with customers because they sell winter items, while others are empty because they do not sell winter items.

Similarly, each season has its particular fruit that is grown and then sold to the public. The same is true for the #hive ecosystem. We also have two seasons for income change. The bull and the bear. In a bull market, every post and every user's profits will rise; however in a bear market, every user's earnings will get slow.

The positive aspect is that this ecosystem is profitable for life time earning, regardless of whether it is in a bull, bear, or consolidation phase. You can work on this platform whenever you want. However, the only thing that matters is income. Because the price of the #hive falls during a down market, the earning process slows down.

Keeping in mind that each account's upvote is affected by the price of hive. If the price of hive rises, so will your vote value; conversely, if the price of hive falls, so will your vote value, implying that earning is extremely important in relation to the price of hive.

As of today, the price of hive is around $0.3, which is relatively low in comparison to the all-time high price of hive. The all-time high price is still $3.5, and the all-time low price is still about $0.23. We are all aware that every coin in the crypto sector is volatile, and that price changes are expected.

Right present, I have about 22K hive. In which 12K hive is mine, which I invested and earned, and roughly 10K HP is purchased through dlease. I delegated my 11K HP, which I have returned, and I will have all active HP within a few days. In a few days, my total HP will be approximately 22K.

These are the specifics of my Hive power, and I'll now describe how my ability to vote and my income are affected by changes in the price of #hive. My hive power value will be $0.32 per vote at the present price of about $0.3 for hive. Which means I can vote for any post I think is worthwhile with $0.32.


I can currently make about $1.5 in curation rewards from my upvotes at the current price of hive. But what if the cost of hive rose to $0.6, which would be twice as expensive as it is now? Without a doubt, my income will likewise double. As soon as my upvote value reaches about $0.64, I'll be able to support any post with that amount.

The same applies if #hive's cost rises to $0.9. Then my income will increase threefold. I will therefore earn three times as much money. My upvote will be worth around $0.96 at that hive price. This is how the earning is influenced by the price of the hive.

Consequently, we are currently in a bear market and generating little money. Be patient since a bull market must eventually arrive, which will undoubtedly bring happiness to everyone. Bear markets do not last forever. This will be the ideal opportunity to earn money and build up your wealth if the bull run is confirmed and the price of hive reaches at least $1.

This is an effort on my part to present you people about how hive earnings are dependent of the hive price and how much you can earn during the bull and bear market. I wish the post is educative and hope you people will like it. If you like the post then dont forget to give review in the comment section so that the next post be even more better. Thank you all for reading to the end.




REMEMBER: We should prepare for the unexpected and hope for the best. Life may not be easy, but you must do your best and leave the rest to God.

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It is true that in a bull market the price of Hive will increase significantly and so will the voting power of everyone. As a result of which curation will also increase our earnings. Thanks for sharing a nice topic.