What is Excellence?


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Is it a person who is perfect in his Job ? or who manages his job within time? or someone who achieves his target?

We have 4 Terminologies in Quran with the regard to Excellence and how to judge which level you are on the level of Excellence.

  1. Zulm (Oppression)
  2. Adal (Justice)
  3. Ehsaan (Beautification)
  4. Ittekaan (Perfection)

I am choosing these 4 words because in Arabic the words are very specific, and the terminologies mentioned in them are very specific, and to the point, so it gets very clear what the conversation is all about. While in English some are vague and similar words can be used for different meanings.

Coming back to #Excellence. Excellence is a very relative term, Every field has a different state of Excellence.

So if we take the 4 words mentioned above, we can analyze them to measure our level of Excellence.

  1. Zulm (Oppression) - Not fulfilling your rights, or not doing something as it should be done, a given task is not done as it has to be done, Not achieving MPL (Minimum Performance Level).
    In life, every action has an MPL. To name a few, you have an MPL as a Son, Father, and Employee.

  2. Adal ( #Justice) - In Quran, Adal (Justice) is used in the sense of MPL, The Quran says to choose always Adal as an option, choose Adel in your dealings, do what is expected, and return as much as you borrowed. Even when taking revenge use Adal.

  3. Ehsaan ( #Beautification) - In Chapter Yusuf, Allah repeats that He loves The Mohsinoon, Allah likes people who do Ehsaan. So if we measure Ehsaan with MPL, you do as expected. Allah has given us with the blessing of time, what is the MPL of time? how did we spend the given time, Allah will question us, did we utilize it for good, or did utilize it for time?

  4. Ittekaan ( #Perfection) - This is the highest level of perfection, attributes of Ambiyah (Prophets).
    One Hadith (Story) Inference is that - A person came to Prophet Mohammed (P.b.u.h) to ignite a fight, so he started saying that the People of Hashim are unjust, they got dates from me but I never got the money for it, but Prophet smiled and gave him more than he expected in return. That person got worried about how can he (Prophet)be so nice to me when in his heart he knew that he was lying.
    So this is Ittekaan - going out of the way, reaching the maximum level of #MPL.


So if you want to achieve Excellence then your goal should be to reach Ittekaan (Perfection), Read the stories of Prophets, as they always achieve the highest level of MPL.