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The perspective really plays with my brain.
It almost looks mirror image because it’s so symmetrical!

The colours are rich, golden and gorgeous too. Great result considering you’re shooting up to the light.
Minimal amount of people too which is a win!

Love that style and age of architecture too. There are some old arcades in Huddersfield (where I am) that demonstrate features just like this. Beautiful!

How did this get on in the competition? Have the results happened yet?


I'll confess that I had to tinker a little (well, quite a lot!) in Photoshop to get the symmetry. A talented photographer friend of mine who shoots a lot of this type of thing, says that even being really careful taking the images, the stitching software will never produce a perfectly symmetrical final image. Which is quite reassuring in a way.

The building is very beautiful, it's well cared for and maintained. Ideally one would shoot it at night as it would remove the issue of the back light coming from the glass, and it's very beautifully lit within. However one takes one's opportunity when one can.

I got 4th place. Pretty happy with that as I don't take photographs of architecture usually. :)

I hope that all these old buildings survive. There is a lovely one in Preston (where I'm from) that is probably very photogenic as well. Haven't been in it for years. It's probably worth a visit!