The Hidden Meaning //(A Thoughtful Freewrite)...

The flow of life sometimes can be disturbed greatly even if we dont want the life to be affected by our own activities.But, cant do much about the results that come unexpectedly, we at times reach at a spot where the heart wants to follow the trail thats emotional, bit fictional and the touch of imagination that seeks to cling pleasures that the soul needs.On the other side of life, there arise the chance, a big necessity, for everydays life -- that we complete tasks that is needed, not wished soulfully.

Yet the parameters I look at them everyday, the straight line of science does glide the path to pave which makes sure we have our own sense of judgment to wave over our life.It has been a tight clash between my heart and the brain, one which took forward the reality first and the other showed fantacism as I kept looking at the both, sometimes the brain won over the heart after a tight battle and I went fast to cover my needs and responsibilities - the other day I found my heart to take the most of the control of myself and my life.


I guess, its true for everybody who has experimented such truths of life, its just not the normal as we like to see it everyday. Sometimes, its a matter of utter surprise a fact to watch that what we see looking at the past life - that it appears as golden and so full with emotions, the rush of nostalgia that takes full control of the life and living. Every time I find myself busy with complexities and the hurdles of life, I become more apathetic towards the ills of life, that whats the point to just waste time thinking about weal and woes?

The race is universal and its just a fate that everyone should follow, living in midst of expectations - taking and judging it high, the other day pains that come from future concerns, lose of performance, failures and the tragedies of personal relationships, losing a relative who at times matter most to ourselves. The duo factors have always made ways difficult to tread and its just how we overcame with efforts we make to increase everyday.

I dont bother much if my goals are never met and I fail to many times over the course of work that mattered greatly in my life. Things can be tricky and deceitful and I never saw my frustration to deepen my root of conviction. A life can be led to the fullest and even in the form of mediocrity, even sometimes we would fail to see the expected results to come and furnish our ways towards a long way ahead- but what is really true is the fact that, in the end, we dont spin our heads bothering why the loss or failure took the life to the path where establishing things came to fruition.

Its completely a matter of relativity and people who cramp for success that with which they define their life,I feel so distressed to see them that they pass their beautiful time with doing something that never makes their own life great, it just takes them forward and pushing their expectations to a more in depth field, where greed turns over and they die with things to see that the life folded as being incomplete and meaningless, unfulfilled.

There are people who are mostly driven by the artificialities and the pomp of success, upon which they rely most and measure their own success. To my sense its a bit different as I dont go after the full spirited rush for accomplishing materialistic things that dont even make a pennyworth difference to me. I value rather a mediocre life if it is lived with the added texture of the heart and pleasures sensual enough to live a peaceful life.


Often at times I found people attempting to make a suicide or giving up completely the hopes of life.Well,in these cases I do say that they have their own burdens and the want or the desire of life has made them to be full of vacuities in life, the soullessness that grasped their all realities mostly when they searched for a new meaning of life, but the difference of the attitude, the gap which made such realizations to be futile and meaningless.

In the guise of asking question, what to select, the supremacy of heart or the rationality of the brain, I would say I have the tendency to mix them up both, because only when I add them together, a well formed recipe pops up and that biologically tastes good. But when they are tasted separately, feeling them apart from each other - then the meaning of life comes over again and for far too long time I searched for the answer inside my heart, in the end - I found the reply that, both of them are necessary, without one the other is meaningless,isnt it?