cheaper water cards for silver 3


Hello, this time i will show you which are for me the best cards to play in silver 3 with water.

venari wavesmith.png

Venari wavesmith: With a current price of 5.540 USD it´s a very good card that gives to the rest of cards +2 of armor.

sea genie.png

Sea Genie: With a current price of 5.2 USD it´s a perfect card to high mana cost matches. This card do a good combination with alric.

sea monster.png

Sea Monster: With a current price of 8.4 USD,this card combined with Bortus, it´s a good card to play against teams that you know that use alric, or matches with high mana cost.

Next post I will bring the best medium cost water cards,
thanks for reading,