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Every has been looking for his dog, billy for two days now. It was unusual of the dog to leave home for more than 3 hours but for the past two days, billy has not been seen anywhere around the house.
He had left it at home and hag gone to school. He remembered it jumping over him and wagging it tail excitedly. It always does that whenever Every was about leaving home and when he returned.
He had returned and not seeing it after calling it a couple of times, he thought the dog might have gone on it occasional stroll around the neighborhood. But after over six hours, billy did not returned and he began to get worried. Throughout the night, he had kept awake to see if it will return but billy did not show up. He left for school hoping to return and find it at home but on coming back, he found billy has not yet returned.
He told his father and one the third day, they started a search for billy. They asked all around the neighborhood and even a couple of blocks away but no one had seen the dog.
The next day, that is four days after billy went missing, Every's mother was clearing a patch of grass in her garden and getting close to the edge of the farm that touched the fence of the building, she perceived and odour as if something dead was decaying. She tilted her head upward so she could catch the direction of the smell. She traced it and on getting to the end where the garden touches the fence, she saw the decaying carcass of a dog and the collar on it neck showed it was billy.
"Oh my goodness!" She exclaimed. 'What will I tell Every?".