Monomad Challenge - Cat in Monochomes


Cat in Monochromes

Hi, this is the first time I post in Black and White Community. Allow me to share a few interesting things.

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Black and white.
A lot of people say that black and white is a color contrast. But have a path like the chalkboard with the basic black takes white chalk to write on it.
And in fact, they have one goal the same yet different.
A lot of perspective that black symbolizes the darkness, the white symbolizes light and bright.

Black and white like profit and loss, positive and negative, is needed when taking a decision. Without them, what we know which is the right decision?

I never read a sentence like this:

"It doesn't matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as she can catch a mouse."- Deng Xiaoping

I saw some photos on my phone, realized a lot of photo taking the animals are very cute and adorable. Special to the owner of the pet, must have the same case like me.

Here's taking a picture of me for the first time using black and white.
Talent of my own cat Kepin, have a cuties face, but he's still cat-eating rats.

Can you guess what the colored of Kepin? Let me know in the comment below!








Thank you.


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Hi dear, what a quote, as long as something is equal to a task it appearance doesn't matter...

Such a cute cat you have but its unfortunate I have some allergies with cat.
And how can I guess its color now 😭😭😭