BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Equal Opportunity: Immortalis Shatters The Opponents Armour

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Ahoy fellow Splinterlands players. Welcome to my next Battle Mage Secrets post.

This time the featured ruleset is Equal Opportunity. With this ruleset active all Monsters gain the Opportunity ability. So you have to be quite careful with bringing low Health Monsters as they'll die quickly. Of course you can try to use a Monster with Taunt to redirect damage for a while. Some Void Armour can be a good idea too to prevent Magic attack Monsters from killing your team quickly. Monsters that can have dual attacks or Double Strike can be really fun here too!

You can recognise the ruleset with this icon.

The battle I want to share with you this week is from this past weekend in the Wild Tournament Friday AKA WTF! [NBH] [NB] Tournament. This is a tournament hosted by bunsbagsandcaps and by ehmaywuntee. Hyperlinks to their Twitch channels. In this battle I played against obifenom.

Here is a picture of our initial lineup.


Battle Rules

This battle had a 32 Mana Cap. Almost all the Elements could be played, the only one we couldn't play was Water. The battle had 3 rulesets which were:

  • Equal Opportunity: All Monsters have the Opportunity ability.
  • Weak Magic: Magic attacks hit Armor before reducing Health.
  • Keep Your Distance: Monsters with Melee attack may not be used in battles.

Here is a link to the battle if you want to check it out:

Battle Lineup

A lot of available Summoners as only Water Element couldn't be used and this is a Wild tournament. We can't use Monsters with Melee attack though so a mix of Magic and maybe Ranged attacks would be best. Better with a higher focus on Magic attack Monsters as they can attack from the first position, but you do have to be somewhat careful with that as it can be predictable. Due to the Weak Magic it might not be as predictable.

I choose to use Immortalis as my Summoner. He gives all my Monsters the Void ability and the Shatter ability. That way they'll take less damage from Magic attacks. And any attack I use can completely destroy the opponent's Armour. Which is good because of the Weak Magic. He also gives -1 Health to all opponent's Monsters that could help me take them out slight faster.

Up front I bring Failed Summoner. Just for the high health and to potentially tank some frontline hits for a while.

Then I have Kron the Undying, he has high health and the self Heal ability. So he could potentially sustain himself when he ends in the first position.

Up next I have Venari Marksrat, this one will most likely be the first target of my opponent's attacks due to the Equal Opportunity ruleset. And be able to buff my Kron the Undying and Regal Peryton with its Martyr ability when it dies.

Just mentioned Regal Peryton as that's the next one in my lineup. This one is really fast and so even though there is Weak Magic, with the Regal Peryton being so fast and gaining the Shatter ability its hit will destroy any amount of Armour immediately and allow my next Monster to hit Health.

Then I have Fungus Flinger, another card with Martyr. Placed on the other side of Regal Peryton so it can gain 2 Martyr buffs. It also has 4 Health like Fungus Flinger so might be the next target. Unless at that point the Failed Summoner already took too much damage.

Last but not least I have Djinn Biljka. This one has the lowest Health BUT is has the Camouflage ability so it can't be targeted directly and won't be in danger from Equal Opportunity! By placing him in the backline he can attack from anywhere. And he will also get a Martyr buff when the Fungus Flinger dies.

Battle Analysis

Oooohh okay it seems obifenom picked Astral Entity as his Summoner! He is a really great player with that Summoner, has so many good lineups with it! He's using Skok Duskblight to give Magic attack Weapons Training to Riftwing and Clockword Aide.

Clockword Aide has 11 Armour there with only 1 Health. Because of the Weak Magic ruleset it is a great pick for sure! As it can tank so many hits. Also Astral Entity will Resurrect the first Monster on its team that dies. When it comes back to life it gets all the Armour back. So that is for sure a good combo with the Clockword Aide!

This is exactly why Immortalis is such a good pick though with the Shatter ability to destroy all that Armour! 😮

Round 1

Regal Peryton goes first and hits its 2 Magic attack against the Clockword Aide's Armour due to Weak Magic. But with the Shatter ability that whole remaining 9 Armour gets completely destroyed!
Riftwing attacks my Venari Marskrat for 1 damage.
Soul Strangler hits my Venari Marksrat for 3 damage and kills it.
Venari Marksrat's death triggers its Martyr ability. Giving +1 Health, +1 Speed and +1 damage to my Kron the Undying and my Regal Peryton.
Riftwing gains +1 Health from Scavenge.
Skok Duskblight attacks my Fungus Flinger for 1 damage.
Kron the Undying kills the Clockwork Aide.
Clockwork Aide gets Resurrected by Astral Entity's Summoner ability. Coming back to life with that 11 Armour.
Ravenhood Warden hits my Fungus Flinger for 2 damage.
Djinn Biljka hits Clockword Aide for 2 damage against its Armour and shatters it!
Fungus Flinger now has an opening to hit Clockword Aide against its Health, hits it and kills Clockwork Aide for good.

That's the end of the first round. Here is a picture of our lineups now.


Round 2

Regal Peryton attacks Soul Stranger destroying his Armour completely just from the damage that it has this time not even with Shatter.
Riftwing attacks my Fungus Flinger for 1 damage and kills it.
Fungus Flinger dies and so it triggers its Martyr ability. Giving +1 Health, +1 Speed and +1 damage to my Regal Peryton and Djinn Biljka.
Kron the Undying hits and kills Soul Strangler.
Skok Duskblight hits my Failed Summoner for 1 damage and takes 1 Magic Reflect hit back which lowers its Armour by 1 due to Weak Magic.
Djinn Biljka hits and destroys the Armour on Ravenhood Warden.
Ravenhood Warden hits my Failed Summoner for 2 damage.

That's the end of the 2nd round. Our teams look like this now.


Round 3

Regal Peryton hits and kills the Ravenhood Warden. Now that Ravenhood Warden dies my opponent's Monsters lose their 2 Armour as it was provided by Ravenhood Warden's Protect ability.
Riftwing attacks my Failed Summoner for 1 damage and takes 1 damage back to its Health from Magic Reflect.
Kron the Undying hits my opponents Venari Marksrat and kills it.
Venari Marksrat from my opponent triggers its Martyr ability, giving +1 Health, +1 Speed and +1 damage to my opponent's Riftwing.
Skok Duskblight hits my Failed Summoner for 1 damage and takes 1 damage from Magic Reflect.
Djinn Biljka hits Skok Duskblight for 3 damage.

That's the end of the round. Here is our current lineup.


Round 4

Regal Peryton attacks and kills Skok Duskblight.
Riftwing attacks my Failed Summoner for 2 damage, killing him, and takes 2 damage back from Magic Reflect.
Kron the Undying and Djinn Biljka hit the Riftwing for a combined 7 damage now.

That was a quick round as we don't have a lot of Monsters left.


Well Riftwing unfortunately doesn't stand a chance anymore here being alone vs still 3 full Health Monsters in my team. So in round 5 it will die and I win. GG! 😄

Was My Strategy Successful?

It was a really good idea to pick Immortalis yeah. That Shatter ability he gives to all my Monsters was really a key in making sure this battle would go really well in my favour. Having that Shatter ability also made it so I could put a pretty good focus on Magic attackers as they'd just completely destroy Armour to allow the next one in my team to hit the Health already.
The Venari Marksrat and Fungus Flinger worked really well as Opportunity targets to further buff up my team!


Because of not being able to use an Melee attack Monsters it was really good to use Immortalis.
My opponent's Astral Entity pick with Clockword Aide was really good too!! If I didn't have the Shatter ability then my team would have been so busy with that Clockword Aide due to its really high Armour, especially as it would get Resurrected and come back to life with all that 11 Armour once again. That would've taken so many hits if it wasn't for my Shatter ability!
So yeah I must say that obifenom's team here was really smart and good!

That's it for my Battle Mage Secrets challenge this week. Thank you for reading!

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