11 Gladius Cases Opening - Double Legendary and Four Epics

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Ahoy, it's been a little while since I had a video with some Gladius Cases opening. Here we are with a new one!

I quite like opening 11 of them at a time now, it's kinda nice the double 1 there for the number. Speaking of that, when I was going to buy some Gladius Cases I saw my Merits were funnily enough at something with those double or even triple of the same number! As I had 133,999 merits. So a double 3 and a triple 9 in there. Because 11 Gladius Cases costs 22,000 Merits that meant my total Merits went down to 111,999 so now it's even more amazing to see! Triple 1's and triple 9's for my Merits amount before I go to open 11 Gladius Cases!

I did open one Gladius Case last night or so too after the Brawl ended. In my previous video I'm quite sure I mentioned that I do sometimes open one or two after the Brawl and then keep the rest of the Merits. Although sometimes when I was above 132k Merits from Daily or Seasonal Focus Chests I went to buy one too.

Since the last video and now I got some Epics from those Gladius Cases that I opened, but still none of them were Quora though so I am still missing 1 Quora to get her to level 3!

Could this opening finally bring me to a level 3 Quora?!

Let's find out!

In the first row I start with 2 Hugo Strongsword, follower by 2 of Kothriphus Bayne. Then the amount goes up one as I find 3 Isgald Vorst but goes right back down to two as I get 2 Relenor Cleaver. Then suddenly 6 of the same card for Bertrol Gobson!

In row 2 from the right side it seems we stay with the Earth Element for a bit as I find 2 Cutter Brieze followed by 3 Katrelba Gobson. Wow the 6 of one Common even gets beat as I find 7 Witch of Warwick here. This row is then finished off by finding both of the Fire Common Gladiators and also 4 copies of both of them, these are Krash Wanderword and Chimney Wallstop.

The third row has an Epic, that's sweet! And ooooooohhh a Legendary right next to it! Those will be opened after all the Common and Rares. So the cards that I reveal in the third row are a Paldion Rakk, 2 Helmet Kharafax and an Alfredo.

Ayyoooo the next row from the right has 2 Epics next to each other. That makes 3 Epic Cards in here! Definitely increasing my chances for Quora as there are only 5 different Epic Gladiators. The chance could decrease though if one of these is Gold Foil because then they could be the same Gladiators just one Regular Foil and one Gold Foil.
The rest of that row has a Whistling Damon, a Captain Katie and 2 Orella Abadon. Ah Captain Katie would be really cool to get Gold Foil too but unfortunately it's not the case!

Down to the final row, there are 4 cards left to reveal. 1 Sarius, 1 Liza Fox and 1 Ajax Lightfoot for the 3 Rares and then one more Common to finish off the row which turns out to be 3 Alva the Crusher as that's the only Common Gladiator we didn't see throughout the opening yet.

Time to go check out those Epics and the Legendary!

Let's start with the lowest row on the far right and move towards the left that way.

The first Epic is... Edith Emberstar and ooooohh look at that it's 2 copies of Edith so this actually makes it be at least 4 Epics in these 11 Gladius Cases instead of 3 Epics!

To the left of Edith is... Trapp Falloway.

Well that's 2 different ones as they're Regular Foil. Which means that if the last Epic is also Regular Foil I'll have a 1 in 3 chance for it to be Quora. If it's Gold Foil well it'll be 1 in 5 chance.

Let's check it out, the last Epic is... Marisol Contuma. Not bad at all! Just really unfortunate that it isn't that last Quora yet that I need for her at level 3. Hopefully some more luck with that next time! I also recently levelled Marisol to level 3 so yeah just really wanna get Quora there as well xP

Well so far it's only Gorth and Marisol at level 3 though even with these copies my Edith and Trapp are still gonna be level 2 so at least Quora isn't the only one that's behind =P

Now time to check the legendary!

It is... well you can find that out in the video 😉 A bit beyond the 6 minute mark if you feel like skipping to the reveal.

Now it's time to go check out my Gladiators to see if some of them are able to be levelled up.

That's it for this video. Thanks for watching!

Did you open Gladius Cases recently and got a really good one out of them?

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