Opening 20 Gladius Cases: A Legendary and Four Epic Gladiators

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Ahoy fellow Splinterlands players! Phew it's been a while since I opened a lot of Gladius Cases at once again. I did occassionally open some Gladius Cases in between my last post about it and now, but not a whole lot.

So in this video I'll be opening a bunch of them! Even more than last video as I will be opening 20 Gladius Cases here!

I already recorded the video the other day but still had to make the thumbnail and upload it so I'm a bit late on that.

Anyway let's get to it and see what's in there.

Already hovering over an Epic Card when I had my mouse towards the top right to make sure the little sound button was on, that's quite the start.

I keep those for later so I go to the start of the row and I flip over a GOLD FOIL Alva the Crusher. That's quite the start!! I play in Gold Foil Frays during the Brawl so this is really nice as I didn't have this Gladiator in Gold Foil yet.

Then further in the first row I find a lot of Rare Gladiators. 5 Relenor Cleaver, 4 Palidon Rakk and then one copy of Cutter Brieze. The last card in this row is that Epic card which I will reveal later on.

In the second row I start off with 9 copies of Chimney Wallstop. Oh look another Epic card in this row, awesome. Wow right after that one is a Legendary card! Sweeet! I will reveal these at the end.

The last two cards in the second row are 3 copies of Ajex Lightfoot and 5 Helmet Kharafx.

Now onto the third row here I find some Common Cards being 3 Whistling Damon, 9 Isgald Vorst and 6 Witch of Warwick. Then I find some Rare cards to finish off the row with 5 Orella Abadon and 2 Sarius.

This Isgald Vorst is really awesome too!

In the fourth row I find a lot more Common Cards with 6 Bertrol Gobson and 7 Katrelba Gobson. Then 7 copies of the Alva the Crusher in regular foil since the earlier one was Gold Foil. After that I find 5 Krash Wanderford and another Epic! Which I'll reveal in the end.

The final row starts of with 5 Kotriphus Bayne. Followed by another Epic!! Then I have 7 Hugo Strongsword, 1 Captain Katie and 2 Liza Fox.

Well that's a bit unfortunate with the 1 copy of Captain Katie, she can be really strong especially with an early Bloodlust. So it'd be great to level her up higher.

Time for those Epic Gladiators now. Starting off with 2 Edith Emberstar. Oh sweet that's 2 Epic cards actually instead of 1 so even better. Of course Quora Towershead would be even more awesome.

I continue to reveal the next Epic and look at that it's actually Quora Towershead. And also 2 copies let's gooooo!!! Those copies will definitely help to get her to level 3 so that she eventually gains Immunity. I would love to get a Gold Foil Quora too because she can be so strong! Also I already have all the Gold Foil Common and Rare Gladiators from Earth, so it would be great to get the Epic one in Gold Foil now. Unfortunately she didn't turn out Gold Foil. There are still 2 chances though.

The next Epic is Gorth and then the final Epic turns out to be Marisol Contuma. Too bad none of the Epic Gladiators turned out to be Gold Foil. But at least I still ended up with 6 Epic cards in total!

Now I won't spoil in this text which Legendary Gladiator I got. You can find out about that in the video. But the Gladiator is also in the thumbnail so you may already know ;)

Did you open Gladius Cases recently and got a really good one out of them?

That's it for this video. Thanks for watching!

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