Practicing Muay Thai or playing with the dog?


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It's not easy for me to get used to the high workload training on the Muay Thai lesson twice a week, thank God I ended up made it, I can stick into the whole lesson now, I know I can do much better on the physical strength and try to make myself don't get gasp too easy. Gimme some time to build up on both my muscle and vital capacity!

I didn't take dinner before the Muay Thai lesson but I broke my rule last night as I was a bit gluttonous, I bough a box of Sushi !!!! It's not good having too much rice before exercise !!!

And shit, I need to pay for that immediately while the lesson just started, there was something wrong when I was doing warm up exercise, guess I was having too much food that making me wanted to vomit...stupid me...and I will remember not to take any rice again before the lesson, I can't make it !!!

There was still 15 minutes to off for the lesson but I couldn't make it anymore last night, I could hardly hold my hands up, no wonder saying to make a punch or kick...I simply took a rest in the corner and play with 2 little dogs there, oh yeah, the owner of the fitness center have 2 lovely dogs there, hehe.

It's nice to play with the lovely pet sometimes, unfortunately I am not able to keep any pets as the building in HK I am living is not allowed pet, and I can't back Shenzhen still, so I ain't think about to have pets at the moment.

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