What’s next to the stock market?


On Wednesday night bob wells gave us a signal that they are going to slower the rate hikes that encouraging the DJ index rallied about 2.2% and last night the market wobbled due to the mixed economic data ahead of jobs report ended up DJ closed down 190 points.

Sounds there are still many uncertainties on the world wild economy and the stock markets will be volatile for a while, it’s still believed that we better sell some of our stocks or crypto on hands when they nearly hit the resistance level and wait for the correction.

WeChat 圖片_20221202085103.png
image source: my phone screen capture on my fund account

I made a bad mistake on my stock funds at the beginning of 2022, I though I swapped all my asset into cash but I noticed that I didn’t click the confirm button on the system, supposed I was having HK$ 44000 profits at the beginning of the year, and I was surprised to seeing that I am losing HK$ 40000 when I back to Hong Kong by the end of October!!

However, I can’t blame anyone because I didn’t confirm I successfully swap my asset from the stock funds to cash, I was too focus on the crypto market this year and didn’t spend too much time to manage my funds account.

WeChat 圖片_20221202085130.png
image source: my phone screen capture on my fund account

In the past weeks I lower the lost on my funds and I swap most of my asset from stock funds to cash, at the moment I am losing HK$18000, it’s way better than losing HK$40000, huh!!!

Now I needa think about should I sell the rest of stock funds before Christmas holiday and wait for the next correction then buy again, but I still need some time to take a look on the market to judge what should I do for the next step.

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