Inside the Fury Furnace..The Must Know



Growing up from a Christian home, I was told of a story in the Bible that talks about the 3 Hebrews boys who committed their lives to God and for that matter they were destined by the king to be killed. This story to me truly defines what this our life is all about. When you read from the Bible, You could clearly outlined the kind of faith these guys were having. It was so marvelous to the extent that wherever the gospel is being preached or proclaimed, their names are mentioned.

They were slave serving in the king palace. They had their appointment from the king, It was the king who paid and feed them but when it comes to them compromising on their faith, they will never give in.
Why Am I writing about this story this time. Of course this story is worth sharing because it has a lot of lesson for us.
Kindly note that if we get anything by lying, we must do well to keep it by lying as well.
Imaging stealing and you being caught, the possibility of lying again is 100%.
Life will always present to us a state of compromising. There comes the question, are we going to give in because everyone else is doing same thing, because it is normal to the world. When you critically analyzed the story, you could realized, many Hebrews were there but it was only these guys who names were mentioned that they didn't bow to the king decree.
Most bowed down because they rely on the king for everything.

The truth of the matter, things are not always going to be stable forever. Sometimes we may face with an adversity that we can never understand. The question is who do we trust when we are face with a challenge? we do we get our help from? Do we make hasty decisions because we want to be free at last? Do we give up because things are not going our way.?
I'm here to tell you things will always be difficult because it want to give you a ground where you can stand on and celebrate your victory.
The story about these guys are here to encourage us never to give up on God because the heat of fire is turning up. Remember their heat was much higher than what you think you are going through.

God never saved them from the fire, but inside the fire, We are not predestined not to face problems, but sometimes God want to make himself known.

Patient has never be taken from our world of dictionary. It still does exist and have the same meaning, Lets wait and Lean on Our maker.
Thank you for you time.
I hope you find something inspiring in this lesson


This is an inspirational piece full of lessons to learn from. Thank you