Overcoming Procrastination,,

I will say that procrastination is one of the diseases that can affect anyone. I say it is a disease because it can cause more harm than good. I am one person who has experienced this for a considerable amount of time; I am not sure if it is common to us. We frequently tell ourselves, "I have time. Let us put it off and do it later.


This caption always makes me think of my time in school, where we were required to complete assignments and research. We will always have a deadline to meet, so I remind myself constantly to take it easy and wait until the very last minute to start gathering information. This continued until one day there was no light to print my work. I was forced to lose points for my assignment because I was unable to turn it in. Since then, if I allow this to cause stress in my life, it will have an impact on how I live.

This doesn't just happen. However, we frequently replace the tasks we need to complete with other activities, such as watching television, sleeping, going to the movies, or playing soccer. Some people even go so far as to put off eating the food they should be eating in the name of being busy.

The assignment that will take two weeks to complete will be finished in the next two days, giving me the rest of the time to review and look for errors. Procrastination has left a great number of lives in ruins. The truth is that time waits for no one. As the sun rises to sunset, many opportunities are just waving away, just like the sea's waves. Every day is an opportunity to achieve a little of our dreams. We will still be under the sway of procrastination, which can have very detrimental effects on us, even if we continue to put things off until tomorrow. We may already regret the moment that was missed. influencing us on many levels, including our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


I'm so excited for this week's topic because I know there are so many people out there who have been affected by this disease. The fact that the solution is within us and that we have control over it if we decide in advance that this is what needs to be done is what amazes me the most. Occasionally, especially when we are feeling lazy, it is easy to put off doing something, but doing so only increases pressure, and the work that must be done diligently gets done anyway.

I hope that everyone can learn something from this subject because I think it will benefit us all, especially as we continue to go on hive.

Thank You.