When I accidentally made a slim face into chubby one| Watercolor portrait painting 🎨

Hi there,

My intention was to create a portrait painting of a beautiful actress from Kerala. Her name is Sobhita Dhulipala. She actually a slim person. I had chosen a picture of her as reference for my painting. But when I finished this, I made her portrait much different from what actually she looks like. She looked chubby in my work. I know its so different from the reference still I wanted to share it with you. If you see it so weird let me know in the comments.

Here is my painting for today.🌺

also included some pictures of the drawing process so you guys will have a good view of how I made it

I will be coming in future with more stuff like this, and I hope for your great support from your side will be there.

The painting was inspired from...

Thanks for visiting... Thanks for supporting so far....
See you in the next post ♥️