A Bad Job, Yet A Good Lesson To Me.

According to the Pledge of Loyalty of Elbert Kim Hubbard, you shouldn't speak ill of the person, organization, or institution that you are currently working for. If you will, then first, resign. If you must, then you would likely still be the one who would get inflicted by your actions in the end.

Actually, I just learned about this pledge when I joined an organization of rescuers recently but by the time I was working as a Field Representative in a small company in our local area, I didn't know that yet. Unfortunately, maybe that was the reason that I was suspended back then. I didn't get myself out first before serving them my complaints and comments which they never liked to hear from me.

Initially, I applied for that job because I need to have one. There are good things that they offered which made me stay for a long time. They're not bad people who like to scam their fellows. It was just about their management which I didn't like, but let's talk about that later on.

With their training, I learned somehow to conquer my fears of dealing with strangers.


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They have a daily training wherein you can practice your sales pitch, since that's what we do, promoting and selling their products on the field which we were doing in a house to house setup. For an introverted person like me, that training helped me a lot. I once feared talking to strangers but I overcame that struggle through the help of their training and field work.

They conduct seminars to motivate their people to have a positive attitude and be financially literate.


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Honestly, they helped me find the light in my life somehow. I never get to feel that level of hope to live and have the will to live with it. It was where I first started to think positively despite the series of problems that I was dealing with at home. They have taught me to save and how to start our business. In which, I have tried to do so but I was only successful on the saving part since the agri-business I started was ruined by the typhoon.

They are giving good incentives with their employees also, though our earnings were commission-based. If you comply and meet their requirements, promotion isn't a problem and you can receive more bonuses weekly depending on your performance. I can't complain about the earning part, it was all good.

Their only problem which I hated the most was their religion and the way they invite people to convert with them. They couldn't separate their religion from their business. Every night after we clocked off, we couldn't go home just yet because the Church Minister would immediately start discussing their doctrines.


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They were urging us to attend their worship service at every church schedule. When one of us refuses and has excuses, we could hear some indirectly intended comments which were obviously aimed towards us that we were putting aside God and doing something unnecessary instead. We didn't; we are attending a worship service in the church of our religion and at our church's schedule. It's very unlikely to hear from someone religious to question your faith. Wherein, supposedly, they don't have the right to force us into anything. It's our life, it's our faith; we decide, right?

If you're ever wondering how I got suspended, then here is how it happened.

Their church had a massive event one day which they were all required to join annually. Expectedly, our division manager would attend and together with the other employees which they had converted already. While me on the other hand, who they couldn't ever convince to convert, wanted to work since it was a weekday-workday. My face turned sour when I heard their announcement and complained out loud ruining the mood of everyone in the room. And, that was how I got suspended for two days for intoxicating the positivity that they were building up at each seminar. Disappointed, I still took the suspension but never got back to that company ever again. I terminated myself from that kind of environment and be free to believe the belief that I have my faith in.

This is an entry to Sir @galenkp's Weekend Engagement Writing Prompt: Week 138, specifically pertaining to this given scenario.

The bad
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