Hello hivers.🤗
I'm excited to be here.
Thanks to @iyiolamitide for introducing me to the platform and also @temmylade for her delegation for making this post and opportunity possible.
My name is FALA, Joy Ayanfeoluwa. A native of Ede Town, Ede-north local government area in the state of Osun. I'm the first born of a family of seven.

I am an inspirational writer, a mental health blogger and a seasoned poet. I enjoy playing with pets, reading crime-scene novels and singing. And of course, I love eating.
I recently graduated from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso Oyo State.

By God's grace, I am the Owner of JustForYou Gifts and Craft, a brand whose goal is to improve the quality of relationships through thoughtful and love-inspired gifts.
I'm empathetic in nature so I'm curious as well as passionate about mental health matters. I'm interested in knowing why we are the way we are and learning different kinds of personalities.
I am certified in some mental health-related online courses such as Depression, Introduction to Psychology and currently taking a course on Mental health.
I'm an active member of YVIS (Your voice is strength), an NGO that works to fight against child abuse and also recently joined HealthwitMae, a brand that is focused on holistic health.
I'm quiet, easy-going and introvertish.
I enjoy going out occasionally and meeting like-minded people. I do not tolerate bullying or meanness. And I love cake, particularly red velvet cake.


Welcome my friend great to meet you
Look forward to getting to know you
Have a wonderful weekend😎
I will be including this content on the @heartbeatonhive curation collection

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Welcome to the Hive platform, Ms. Fala. You have prepared a nice introduction. I hope you share good content on this platform.


Hello fala
Welcome to HIVE you are here !!!!

Its interesting and great that you put your story into a blog and left it here on the blockchain, so welcome, welcome to the Hive movement and blockchain. Your first blog is up and on the chain, hope you feel relieved, and not afraid of what is coming your way in the comments. Hope this will be just the same addiction I have with Hive. Just joking Ofcourse!
We know it can be daunting and frightening because all is new.
If you want to read some history this is a blog about it.

But for now the new beginning, you will have fun blogging and vlogging I promise. But in the beginning it’s hard and all is new and maybe you need help. We have amazing people here and a help discord if you need it. I love blogging, and was a newcomer once aswell so i know the feeling. The biggest and best advice is always be carefull with all your passwords, Never give those up !! I speak from experience !

What always is a big help to your account is to try to build and expand it. Be a daily blogger. The best way is to comment / respond on other hivers and their posts, there are so many topics here, you will definitely find a place for your thoughts and brainwaves.

I use @Peakd to post to Hive but Ecency is also a possibility. It’s a website, mobile and desktop application that improves your experience on Hive. If you are interested for Android download :, for iOS:, for desktop: apps that helps you to connect, and that’s what we do here !
You can also earn to promote and boost your content. Again If you are interested just some extra information in this early start of your journey here! Last is an option too. They work well and let me know if you have difficulty.

There are a lot of communities to blog in, besides your own account. Topics can be anything in life and outside the box. Go to the main page of your account and see which one you like and you want to subcribe to. It’s in the drop down menu under COMMUNITIES

Good luck with with hive experience and I Will See you around and may you find here what you are looking for. Just remember that all good things come in good time and never giving up is THE key to the big succes on the Blockchain.

Also you could join the the Terminal discord. Or visit @heyhaveyamet for more new arrivals, newbies exposure in the beginning is very important, and you can always learn from others.
Let me know if this was helpfull or if you need more help, or better see you in Discord
the Terminal.
Here is the invite its free,

Greeting from the Netherlands
@ Brittandjosie

Good luck to you as the new arrival, may hive become your new life !




And a vlog to end with