A princess without Tiara


You are liable for inscribing the fate
But what do you depict for her
Imprisoned and smashed
A princess is born with crown
Yet her tiara was ransack
Even she was not extorted

Being wrecked by circumstances
Trembling in the impassivity
Of heartlessness and prejudice
Simmering in the wrath
For staying reserved

Her tiara was momentary
As much as she asserted as ignorant
You gave her power to enunciate
Through education but presently
Why you are mute majestic pen

She can't hold her tears
Prevailing silence detoriate her
She can't absorb herself
She doesn't want to scorch
In the sparkle of her own light

You made her superior
But why she can't convince herself
Her words have leverage
If they would be articulated
Might be in after life

How dismal she is
Unknown of her own power
Magic of her eyes is evident
For each mate chooser
Sanctity of her heart is imperceptible

Is she pioneer of this epoch
Where protest for right is fight
Or she is decedent
Where key merely
Opens the door

She doesn't have an opening
Her lock, it's tangled.
Anyone striving to evolve as key
Must break it or mold it
Why not she commit this by herself

You were supreme in history
But you have no destiny
Dear working ladies
No such sympathies should unnerve us
Future has no value

I am my own present
They key of my own hole
Which opens the door of reasoning
Where love surges but for all
No matter who the living creature is

Without the delimitation of gender
Cast or race I love them all
As they are created by Lord
And He created me to serve them
Not only to obey the male dominance

You heard and proved
Unpaved road don't support walkers
Their feets are scarred
But runners don't dawdle
They brought in their exotic way

I made my way through the darkness
With the wand of pedagogy
And the light of honest learning
Without tiara I am the princess

Who wants to knock the door
Which is meant to open by magic
Will be smashed by her talent
With her vision because of her freedom
I am princess without tiara

I have clenched tiara
But my cranium isn't vague without it
My hands still have magic
Don't be afraid of me
I don't chomp

I only poison my enemies
As my words cause death
I speak for freedom
I speak as freedom
I demand freedom

Education gave me this
Magic of speaking
Your colour is turning yellow
No antidote of honesty is usable
When the toxin of truth sweeps

  • Behind the scene ;
    This poem is the voice of educated yet oppressed girl who is has given a pen yet she can't write the right . She has the voice yet she can't speak for herself. Anyone who is rejected for once in life as being called female deserves to be in the shoes of this crownless princess. Additionally in the stress of exams and headlines of events occurring in Iran I composed this notation to relieve my emotions.

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Beautiful writeup.. I would love to back to writing poems, but I seem to have lost that


Writers can't lose the passion to write, wake up your spirit might be some amazing poem that prevail in no time.


Great work. I think as long as your mind is free, you are free.


Indeed when one's thoughts are not free one can be listed in chains. Thanks for stopping by.


This is exceptionally beautiful and poignant, Ayesha. Your strength of mind, depth of soul, and beautiful heart shine through here. You will always find a way to do this, tiara or no tiara. You have a voice and you are using it to shine your light, to be vocal for freedom, to speak out about oppression. I do pray that women's voices in oppressed societies will one day be heard, not only by those in free countries but by those within their own countries, and that like you, they will lead the way to a more enlightened approach for everyone. Gorgeous poem... I felt it all.
I came here this evening from #dreemport.
#dreemer for life


So there is another poem right below my random phrases hehe. Sam, I am not challenging the dominance of males in this society but at least ladies deserve to be distinguished as human beings. Tiara can't be meant for beauty or anything but wisdom, vision and capability can't be interrupted by anyone. Thanks my love for your words of encouragement ❤


Such a beautiful write-up.
This crooners princess is worth more than what she thinks of herself; she deserves more and she will indeed get the best in her life. A life free of anxiety and stress.

Came from dreemport


Everyone who has dreams in her life passes through these oppositions but in the end, time proves the capability and true passion as legendary. Good to see your feedback🙌