Striving for peace yet in criticism


As the clouds clamor
The universe seeks shelter
But you are bathing in the rain
Pouring on your masculine body
It's neither affecting your aim
Nor arising the feelings of love in you

The protector can't be soggy or thirsty
Those who strive for moon
Hits the stars for sure
But Saviour attempts for safety of all
And secures the future of everyone

The black colour suit you
I stopped in while looking into his brave eye
It's the reminder of eyesore for my enemies
The policeman is alive!!!
To maintain the peace with demand

The nights spent in notions
You have to restrain humanity aside
To realize the truth
And to unravel the mystery
As it's vital for your's people peace

I wonder how heavy your voice becomes
With unknown and strange tone
Were you trained to horrify others?
Indeed to maintain the silence
As legality speaks louder!

What do you do?
When the victim is unspecified
Can the feelings make way into your heart
Do you relate your job with their suffering
Can you forget that they are pendant
On your initial investigation

I can be deaf in case of screams
But I can't be blind to judge
The blank faces of fugitives
Who play with the lives of innocent

My reports make the way for judiciary
But I present myself as erroneous
As laws are prominent for laymen
Not for us who are in the field
As we are in human

Our heart don't pump the feelings
People hate the faces of us
As we ask them for testimony
They oppose to be get investigated
But counter question is integral

To filter the truth
What being portrayed in setup
And what's concealed behind the masks
I don't lie for temporary satisfaction
For me anyone within the orbit
Is suspected yet you can save your life

They hate us for reasons
We are obedient and accountable
To the oath we took for defense
Of our people and nation
When the dispute appears

We don't indulge our emotions
Rather, one step forward is ending
Of cease fire and you are our target
We Don't shoot you four own practise
It's for the peace of state

When they ask about my opinion
I gave them rather a choice
Where interest of state entities
Not the liking or disliking
Of single individual

Why you follow the rules
When your own people are victims?
Because we are merciless
And again you have believed
In the existence of this untrue thought

Aren't we not humans
Who are manufactured
To serve the state
No matter how much shattered we are
Still we have to unify the peaceful state

(This poem is written in dedication to the work of Pakistani police, I have written a lot about military but felt these guys deserve the appreciation and attention too. I wouldn't comprehend about their sacrifices until researched about it. In the heavily criticism for their rule following nature these guys still look for the benefit of state. And no one can lower their moral to serve the motherland.)

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Until I reached the end, I couldn't figure out for whom this beautiful poem was written. I liked it at first but loved it the second time for it became more comprehensible and meaningful.

I am in awe of your poem-writing skills. Do you have an organized personal tag for all your poems? I want to read more. (:


Hehe, most of the time poems are so much random that even I can't notice where the sea waves are going hehe. Been a poet for a long time but I didn't have the specific tag last month I was busy with exams so wrote poems a lot hehe 😁 but I would try to notify you when I will manage to have a tag. !LUV. 🥰 glad to have your presence.


Waooo how beautifully you've poured your words into a poem. When did you write your first poem?? I'm in love with your words seriously ❤️


,I have been writing poems from the age of 17 hehe but officially it's been 5 years on defi. Thanks for stopping here.